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What little I heard of McCartney’s live performances hit me as aiming at a little more “modern” arrangements (Helter Skelter in its original form is a really raw record, even by late 60ies standards), which is perfectly legitimate.

Don’t for a second make the mistake of thinking that his touring musicians would be unable or unwilling to reproduce any sound from now back to the 50ies, that just happens to be what he wants for his live sound now, and at that level of professionalism that is everything but mistake or circumstance, simply preference (or “ingratiation” to what listeners are accustomed to nowadays).

There are musicians that even make a point out of not sounding like the record because they would consider that dull. There are also those that don’t manage to sound like the record live, but somebody like McCartney has free pickings regarding touring musicians and he doesn’t pick from the bottom.



There’s also the little matter of just how many different instruments you’re willing to cart around just to match one song in the set to the studio version.

That said, who wants a live performance to be an exact recreation of a studio one you can hear anytime you want anyway? In many cases after years of fine tuning a live performance can blow away the original studio track.

Case in point:


No doubt. There are also artists who just sound better “live” than they are in studio. Joe Bonamassa is a perfect example of one of these artists for me.


You can do a lot with 3 guitars. But then have a look at the instrument rack that someone like ZZ Top tour with (around the 10 minute mark). McCartney tours ridiculous crowds, so there’s no shortage of money to support carrying around a few guitars.


I… Don’t…even.

Do I like this? I kinda like it.


Had to be either Russian or Italian…



Faradanza is another one I quite like. It’s like can’t I can’t pull myself away from them. Weird


Enjoyed their music but checking out Gwen was a better diversion.



Even better was seeing her share a stage with Shirley Manson and Maja Ivarsson.


Getting into the mood for the MiG-19P



Did somebody mention Shirley?? Love Garbage.



Sometimes I got a phase and pop music seems really cool, other times I hate it.

This has a nice mix of retro instruments and is relaxing to listen to in the car:






Since we’re here…