What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Because nothing says Happy Valentines Day like some gansta rap and the last day of a DCS sale!


A legit cover of Bulls on Parade…


This gem was just released today.







Prompted from a post on the DCS Update thread

“It’s time to get medieval. I’m going in for guns.” …they just don’t write romantic lyrics like that anymore!:hugs:


Holy crap, I saw them on that tour. You’re really hitting my Hipster side hard.



Quite the mix of sounds…Indian, some dub-step in there, strings, (African?) drums…


I’ve seen String Cheese Incident several times (and they’ll actually be at Floydfest this summer), and they’re great fun in concert:


And I’ve only recently discovered Beats Antique, but I’ve managed to catch them three times in concert in the last few years, and those are equally fun shows, especially if you’re there with somebody who will dance. Lots of dancing at all their shows, for obvious reasons.

Apparently the two bands are friends, and have wanted to collaborate for a while, which makes this even moew awesome. Plus, that video was from Red Rocks.


Didn’t quite catch that…,your cat interrupted you…yes, she was awesome…was there something abut a band too?


No, no, no. You got it all wrong, mate. Here’s what you want…

It is you down to the ground. :slight_smile:



Bruh. Got a new Youtube channel to follow now.


Definitely check out the other two videos in that series.


I have a strong dislike / prejudice vs electronic music, but that just opened it right back up for me, thanks!


The intersection of live instruments and electronica has gotten more and more diverse in the last decade, and it gets fascinating some of the directions it’s going. Looking at you, electroswing and neotango.


Still this is music as engineering. Like bach was more of an engineer than a musician. It’s cool, and even has a little soul (especially the bit done by the asian dude) but it comes nowhere near living persons performing on analogue instruments.

I like almost any sort of music, as long as it has soul, as long as it’s real. This is interesting:

As is this:

Or this:

And this:

as long as it aint:

because that **** oughta die in a fire.