What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Since you posted some Nahre Sol… I really enjoyed this video from her. I’m just starting to dig into all the content she has posted.


That lady is a freakin’ genius. The thing she does is not easy. It almost sounds like proper blues she’s playing.

What genial about it, oozing virtuosity, is that she’s out of her musical comfort zone and comes so close to getting it right. She’s at home playing chopin or beethoven in a fancy living room, not the seedy whiskybar ambiance of the blues.

Why am I saying close to getting it right instead of just nailing it? Well, she plays too perfect. Blues, and by extension rock (and therefore also metal and punk) needs to be a little rough around the edges. It needs those blue notes to be a little false, dissonant, just a smidge out of tune. Because that’s where the raw emotion is heard. The bending of a string, hammering on those keys that are just a tad out of tune. Making the thing cry or curse or wail.

Anyway I love her and her technical stuff is way the F over my head :smiley:


Wow! All those years playing the saxophone, I was really playing the Blues! That explains why all my music teachers and band directors were always so “blue” after they heard me play! :sunglasses: (my Blues sunglasses)


Yup just like there’s an audience for hyperviolent torture pr0n horrir movies, tyour saxophone style just never found its right audience :thinking:


I listen to all types of music. Most of it is crap, but there are gems in every genre.
But since you mentioned the blues…


There is no sound to this clip, but if you could play the later part of Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven along with it please … someone on my FB actually has stitched the song to this clip, but I dont know how to share that here?

Utterly amazing though, this would have been amazing pyro/fireworks to see live … I really do like a good fireworks show.

Did some research on it, and its not a Japanese display as my FB says, but a Chinese one … they always were good with rockets I suppose back in the early days … amazing.

A Stairway to Heaven indeed.


May have already played this, if so apologies but I really like the concept.


That makes 2 of us.




Saw them once, Axl has settled down now I’m pleased to hear


Unpopular Opinion: I really don’t like most of Guns’n’Roses music and especially I don’t like “November Rain”.
I’m just saying this because we’re all friends and you’ll understand me. :slight_smile:


Blasphemy, You’ll smoke a turd in hell for that sentiment. :wink:




Old School…


Have a look, taken from my Galaxy S8 phone, Glasgow show 11th December last year, my youngest sister was wanting to go with me … long story … she used to go with me and mates of mine to shows like this … she passed away just weeks before this show her, cancer won.

Bitter sweet show for me.


Never really gave these guys a listen. But my boss at worked mentioned this song, So i checked it out. Damn good stuff to say the least.





This song means a lot to me. Adele always sounds nice, but I love the guitars.