What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Found out about them from a friend of a friend who knew a guy. They’re actually based in Brooklyn, where Rench (the singer/guitarist) put this thing together. Landry the Dobro player is from Austin, Dolio is from Pensacola, and R-Son is from Baltimore, IIRC. Got talking with them years ago after a show at the Carrboro Arts Center.

They’re playing Motorco in May, btw, and half the tracks of their new live album are from previous shows there. Bonus: Fullsteam is right across the street.


That’s awesome! I need to get out more.


Because Tomcat Day:


Can’t fly the Tomcat until the weekend…
Until then, nice covers.



always with the nice tunes, thx @piper!







Einaudi’s record “Divenire” is the soundtrack of the love story between me and my wife.
He has an amazing tact/taste.


Nice. Thank you man.


This one is the fault of @TheAlmightySnark


Same song just the instrumentalist version



A friend of mine just introduced me to this, and seeing as we were just speaking about Generation Kill…


PMJ has done a done of genre-switching covers over the years. Some are great, some I don’t care much for, but all are usually worth a listen.


PMJ thats postmodern jukebox yeah? Love those guys. Their work with piddles’ pity party is awesome.

Now listening to



Was very sad to hear about Keith Flint … (pause for effect) from UK here, knew him from Motorcycle racing, he was a multi faceted generous guy … sometimes, crap happens … not good.

Honestly though folks, over and above our passion of Simulation I do love Music, live music especially as a priority.

Friday passed just there, went down (from North Scotland) to Glasgow to see Tangerine Dream


Tangerine Dream at end of show … lots of fun.


Yeah, this one hit me hard- Prodigy was a really important part of my formative years, and when I was bigger into riding I kept up with TTC. Such a very sad loss.