What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Just bought tickets to see them in May! They’re playing The Ritz.


Yep, see ya there! It’s the 20th anniversary tour of their 2.0 album.
One of my favorites



Remix for the movie “Underworld”: (Bowie, Maynard, etc.)



RIP Keith Flint.


They were scheduled to play at a music festival near here in May, and friends and I were planning on going, mostly to see The Prodigy. Too soon gone, way too young.

This song and video had a very formative effect on me when it came out.


Another suicide, according to Liam Howlett.
I can0t even begin to express the sadness to that statement.

Mind you, not judging- on the contrary. Considering how many of my favourite musicians took their life in the past few years I really feel sad and bitter.



Huge fan of hers.


I was reminded of this song today, and I realized I still know it by heart despite never owning it or trying to listen to it…they just played it that much in the 90s on MTV and VH1 and the radio.


Oh, and while that song brings me right back to the 90s, this one brings me back to the 80s as soon as I hear that sax:


I think in my previous (or next?) life I was supposed to be a pot-head living out of a van in the mountains of Colorado… If you can not start bopping your head at +24 when the beat drops in you are a better man than I…




@Aginor, this is for you.

Fun fact - one of the rappers, Dolio the Sleuth, is an MIT Comp Sci grad who teaches coding boot camps in Brooklyn.


:love_letter: :sunglasses:


I especially like the second one. Great music.


whoa Piper, thank you for Other Lives, I really dig their sound.


NavyNuke, how do come up with this stuff?? The second is quite good, I think…
But how does a collaboration like that come to play?? Was a couple dudes from New York,
travelling to Vegas, get lost lost on 421 near Boone and rear-end a blue grass band van, and
instead of shooting each other with pistols and long guns, they share shine and weed???

I love it! I think.