What we podcasting?

Being on the road all day, I binge on podcasts. I’ve recently discovered the free “Podcast Addict” app that has all my favorite podcasts …

The Fighter Pilot Podcast … wow, great info and stories …

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend … funny stuff …

Don Cherry’s Grapevide … Don Cherry remembers EVERYTHING …

MeatEater … Steve Rinella hunting and fishing …

The Joe Rogan Experience … Joe interviews EVERYONE so you have to pick and choose …

Feed me moar. :slight_smile:

I listen to podcasts a lot when playing simple games such as world of warships and flying il2 campaign missions.

I second Jell-O and Joe Rogan. The latter can be questionable but is usually amusing.

I listen to these guys regularly, they are always great:


And i really enjoyed these freaks for some reason:


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If you’ve seen the BBC program QI, this podcast is by the guys who find the facts in the show. It’s humour, but also interesting, sometimes silly.


Dan Carlin‘s Hardcore History


So, so good. Long and very infrequent but some of the best out there. We’re straying into P&R here, because Carlin has a viewpoint, and history is never told without one, but I for one love his way of looking at things.

Joe Rogan, Dale Earnhardt Jr. interview …

I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight on February 18, 2001 when I witnessed Dale Earnhardt Sr. lose his life on a overhead monitor. …

This Dale Earnhardt Jr. interview is pretty incredible (sorry, almost 2 hours) …

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I was also in an airport the day it happened getting ready to fly from St Louis to Los Angeles. I saw the accident on my way to the plane and I figured it was just another wreck because quite frankly it did not look any worse than several others that had happened during his career. I was floored when I landed in L:A. and found out he had died from his injuries. When he passed my interest in the sport diminished for the most part and I never could rekindle that passion I had for it before his accident.


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Just listen to the podcast @wheelsup_cavu :wink:

Did, all of it. What is it I was supposed to hear that I seemed to have missed?


What were you hoping to hear? I dunno man … I thought since you were an Earnhardt Sr. fan that you’d like to hear what his son had to say about him and brain/spinal cord injuries in general … all of which I found quite interesting and sometimes surprising!

I was just sad to hear that your interest in NASCAR diminished because of a freak accident but I think I understand your perspective … it is one of those unnecessarily dangerous sports, like football or boxing.

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Speaking of boxers … great Tyson Fury interview! …

(don’t worry, this won’t become the Joe Rogan thread :wink: )

I’ve read the book but, still, sat through this entire thing anyway as it was riveting.

Push The Envelope and Test Yourself. The Founding of TOP GUN. With Dan Pederson

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:+1: Nice, I’ll dive into that one on Monday.

No, this still isn’t the Joe Rogan thread but Jesse Ventura everybody!!! (I’d vote for Jesse in 2020)

Wow, the whole 4+ hour interview is on YouTube!

Man, I really feel privileged to hear (and see) these legendary pilots still alive to tell their stories on this modern medium of podcasts …

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I listened to the Audible version of that book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I thought the founding of Top Gun would be pretty dry, but the stories behind the men who pulled it off and how they got there is fascinating and well told.

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Podcast about breathing …

I’ve been such an ignoramus about Oliver Stone. I just thought he was a good Director but today I found out he wrote Platoon based on his experiences in the 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam!

He also wrote Scarface!!?

Excellent podcast I listened to today …

Awesome British geezer spinning grippin’ yarns of props and petrol:

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98 year old RAF Fighter Pilot Jeffrey Brain podcasting in 2020! Incredible. Jeff did some of his initial training in Canada, around the corner from me in St. Catherines Ontario and a little further northeast in Ottawa!

Good to hear Jell-O might take a break from his commercial airline pilot career to become a full time podcaster! Hearing Joe Rogan got $100+ million from Spotify, there should be some wiggle room for Vince Aiello!!! The guy is doing an incredible service for his country with the Fighter Pilot Podcast. :+1:

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