What we podcasting?

Being on the road all day, I binge on podcasts. I’ve recently discovered the free “Podcast Addict” app that has all my favorite podcasts …

The Fighter Pilot Podcast … wow, great info and stories …

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend … funny stuff …

Don Cherry’s Grapevide … Don Cherry remembers EVERYTHING …

MeatEater … Steve Rinella hunting and fishing …

The Joe Rogan Experience … Joe interviews EVERYONE so you have to pick and choose …

Feed me moar. :slight_smile:

I listen to podcasts a lot when playing simple games such as world of warships and flying il2 campaign missions.

I second Jell-O and Joe Rogan. The latter can be questionable but is usually amusing.

I listen to these guys regularly, they are always great:


And i really enjoyed these freaks for some reason:


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If you’ve seen the BBC program QI, this podcast is by the guys who find the facts in the show. It’s humour, but also interesting, sometimes silly.

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Dan Carlin‘s Hardcore History


So, so good. Long and very infrequent but some of the best out there. We’re straying into P&R here, because Carlin has a viewpoint, and history is never told without one, but I for one love his way of looking at things.

Joe Rogan, Dale Earnhardt Jr. interview …

I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight on February 18, 2001 when I witnessed Dale Earnhardt Sr. lose his life on a overhead monitor. …

This Dale Earnhardt Jr. interview is pretty incredible (sorry, almost 2 hours) …

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I was also in an airport the day it happened getting ready to fly from St Louis to Los Angeles. I saw the accident on my way to the plane and I figured it was just another wreck because quite frankly it did not look any worse than several others that had happened during his career. I was floored when I landed in L:A. and found out he had died from his injuries. When he passed my interest in the sport diminished for the most part and I never could rekindle that passion I had for it before his accident.


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Just listen to the podcast @wheelsup_cavu :wink:

Did, all of it. What is it I was supposed to hear that I seemed to have missed?


What were you hoping to hear? I dunno man … I thought since you were an Earnhardt Sr. fan that you’d like to hear what his son had to say about him and brain/spinal cord injuries in general … all of which I found quite interesting and sometimes surprising!

I was just sad to hear that your interest in NASCAR diminished because of a freak accident but I think I understand your perspective … it is one of those unnecessarily dangerous sports, like football or boxing.

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Speaking of boxers … great Tyson Fury interview! …

(don’t worry, this won’t become the Joe Rogan thread :wink: )

I’ve read the book but, still, sat through this entire thing anyway as it was riveting.

Push The Envelope and Test Yourself. The Founding of TOP GUN. With Dan Pederson

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:+1: Nice, I’ll dive into that one on Monday.

No, this still isn’t the Joe Rogan thread but Jesse Ventura everybody!!! (I’d vote for Jesse in 2020)

Wow, the whole 4+ hour interview is on YouTube!

Man, I really feel privileged to hear (and see) these legendary pilots still alive to tell their stories on this modern medium of podcasts …

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Jocko knows.

I listened to the Audible version of that book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I thought the founding of Top Gun would be pretty dry, but the stories behind the men who pulled it off and how they got there is fascinating and well told.

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