What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I just noticed we have a “What we hearing?” thread but no “What we watching?” thread.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since the last good “organized crime” film so we’re really looking forward to “GOTTI” …

(I’m basically “connected” by marriage LOL! My wife used to joke about that. :grin: )


Watched Hacksaw Ridge and developed an instant man crush on Andrew Garfield.
That guy can act…

Hugo Weaving was absolutely stunning too.
To be honest there’s quite a line up of great actors here!

Trailer, it can be a bit truculent…


Hacksaw Ridge was excellent.

I only watch movies on Netflix because I can’t stand most movies - I find they’re pretty bad. But I have to kill time on the bus so it works. I’ll have to dig up the list of some good ones I’ve watched.

I know SandCastle was pretty good. KiloTwoBravo, though if you’re not a fan of mines tearing of soldiers limbs, you might want to avoid that - it’s kinda graphic.

If I remember later, I’ll check my history and see for some more.


Can confirm … I’ve watched Hacksaw Ridge, Sand Castle and Kilo Two Bravo. :+1:

War Machine was also pretty entertaining. :slight_smile:

@komemiute, you seem to have an inordinate amount of man crushes LOL! :grin:


I didn’t like War Machine at all.


It was a COMEDY drama.


Snowden was pretty good …



I really enjoyed Atomic Blonde. Marshall artistry aside, I was living in Germany during that time, and made trips to Berlin, crossing over to the East before, during and after the wall came down. I say during, because there was that period when which travel between East and West was open, but before unification and the destruction of the wall. It was a really interesting time to be there and the movie recreated the time period perfectly. Outstanding soundtrack.


I’ll definitely catch Atomic Blonde at some point. I frikkin’ love Charlize Theron, simply from her role as Rita Leeds on Arrested Development.


I’d be interested in any reviews of “American Made” that released Sept. 29th …


Finally watched Get Out last night.

Holy crap, it was good, but I didn’t see a lot of that coming.


Not the movies but I am watching both Tin Star

And the new Star trek, this is super awesome :slight_smile:


Tin Star looks good :thumbsup:


Thanks for the tips! and don’t let the syntax of the title fool you. I think the term “movie” relates WAY back to when they called any sort of moving film “moving pictures”. :slight_smile:

I’m currently REALLY enjoying Season 6 of The Walking Dead. I’m up to episode 10 (The Next World) and the comedic relief of the intro had me laughing out loud tonight. :grin:


Just watched this six and a half minute vid …

Kinda ties nicely into to the “Pets of Mudspike” thread I think.


Watched a couple of shorts directed by Neill Blomkamp

WARNING: There’s a bit of his typical violence…


Saw Blade Runner 2049 Tuesday night. Short review: good.

An even longer review (no spoilers):

  • You could tell it was from the same director as Arrivals, in that it was visually stunning but paced in a very, um, relaxed way. It was very atmospheric, but I did think a couple of times ‘yeah, I get it, let’s move on now - I don’t need to see a miserable Ryan Gosling in the rain much more thanks’.

  • It was a worthy sequel, in that the story worked and it felt like a spiritual successor, if not exactly what Ridley ‘Aliens Again’ Scott would have done.

  • Great music and sounds. Ear splitting at my local cinema, with my kidney’s practically vibrated out of my body.

  • Generally good casting. Harrison Ford actually acts a bit in this one. Has some CGI, but felt grimy enough.


I loved it

The most influential element of the original Blade Runner was the deeply realized setting. That was because Scott also deliberately moved the plot along slowly, allowing the audience to drink in all the different elements on the screen. I think Vilenueve errs towards this naturally, but in this case it was an intentional aping of style. I liked it. Even the opening scene of the power plants opening like a massive eye, and the sweeping shots of the barren earth and plastic greenhouses arranged like sterile fields. Each shot is beautiful and packed with metaphor.

But I’m biased, this movie is right in the middle of my fanboy zone. Also my Mackenzie Davis crush deepens. Aggressively.


Saw that very recently too. Funny that you mentioned the music. It was very bass-y. Our seats were shaking and we left with ringing in our ears. It was a tad too loud I thought in our cinema.

I thought it was a good sequel. I think the tempo matched the original movie. But what joy to watch JOI! (did I spell that right)


Sidenote, “Thank You For Your Service” in theaters tonight (Oct 27) …