What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I watched Hidden Figures this evening. Well worth watching. It is hard to believe that we were putting people into space, at a time when we were so socially backward in some key areas.


As for TV shows, I’m currently getting a huge “James Spader” style kick out of The Blacklist.

The guy is brilliant.

I seriously just started so I’m looking forward to S01E05 “The Courier (No. 85)” for Saturday’s viewing.


Saw Blade Runner.
Honestly I am an immensely huge fan of the original movie and I even gasp rate it above the PhilipDick (seriously? He doesn’t need censoring!) short story.

That said I loved this one.
A solid 10/10.
I know I am biased because since my kids were born I have been strangely sensitive towards emotions on the screen and this one has them in spades…

But all the small details, all the scenes, the musical score, the technology, the faces…

I… I am in love.
This movie manage to be a toughful sequel without simply copycat the first. It’s like whoever wrote it really knew very well the spirit with which the first was made.

Well turns out IS the same person…
I could go on for hours- one of the few DVDs I want to own and a very good base unto which hope Villeneuve will restore balance in the movie-universe of Dune.

Because you did know that he’s to direct the next Dune movie, right?


There’s is one thing that slightly bothered me though…
The final fight in the water- the water was Crystal Clear! Awwwc’mon how hard could have been to murky it up a little?!

Yeah, that’s me.


Saw this the other week:

Great fun, probably the most dense jokes-per-minute marvel movie yet (Deadpool not included). It has that fashionable ‘Stranger Things’ 1980’s vibe with the visuals, a Joss Whedon like ‘everyone is witty’ dialog. It’s probably the best Thor movie, and the only thing I can think that feels a bit off with it is that Thor as a character seems to have altered so much that it’s hard to believe. Cate Blanchett as the goth mean queen was good, as was the ever reliable Jeff Goldblum.

Worth a watch for sure.


Ok, so I’m replying to my own post now lol … no spoilers … Red KNOWS what he wants instead of dying. :slight_smile:


Best line in the film (paraphrased), “So you’re not into drone girls?”


When was that?


In the scene outside of the brothel, when Mariette has dialog with K.


Heh, have to watch it again. :slight_smile:
Don’t remember that at all.

What Impressed me a lot was Bautista acting. My gods- simple as it was I loved that part. :open_mouth:


Is anyone watching “The Expanse”?
I’m at the third episode and it’s blowing me away! :open_mouth: Amazing job…


(thinking it might be in TV thread, but not that bothered to search :slightly_smiling_face:)

The Expanse is great - really looking forward to the next season. It was great to see a show that was bold about the fractioning Earth cultures, plus have some relatively (heh) real physics rather than ‘space warp fairies’ we usually get. An interesting set of books apparently as well.


Rewatching The Force Awakens tonight before The Last Jedi tomorrow.


Recommended: The Shape of Water (limited release in US cinemas)

My wife and I took this beautiful film in last Saturday. Well cast, written, directed, and exquisitely produced. Enough sci-fi and story to keep me intrigued, enough romance to convince my wife it was an actual date. Rarely do we agree, but this was a winner for both. Warning, the official trailer has some spoilers, as they all seem to these days.



6 days.
The 1980 Iranian embassy siege.
We all know how it turned out, but still interesting because of its realism.



My wife and I and our son went and saw Wonder last night. It was very good…and should probably be required watching for 4th graders rising into middle school. I actually thought it was better than Star Wars / TLJ. Go figure.


Awgods, that movie looks so sweet… I mean, I am nearly in tears, but I totally want to watch it.


I watched the new Star Wars movie a few days ago.
IMO it is OK. Not the best and not the worst. I felt entertained and I will watch it when it gets released on BluRay. Looking forward to the next one.

I don’t understand some of the fans’ reactions. Either they are overly positive (a few) or disproportionally negative (most it seems). Seems the Internet only knows extremes after all. Really sad. :frowning:


My wife brought a box of tissues because we knew it would be rough. LOL…anyone with kids will really empathize with a lot of the characters.