What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


I do relate.
Boy, I do.


I had never seen the movie Nacho Libre…we watched it last night and I was almost in tears in parts. Oh man. I never really thought Jack Black was very funny…but that was pretty good…


Not quite the movies as it appears to be a tv series, but certainly looking forward to it…


On the subject of tv shows, the second season of Grand Tour seems to be getting some traction. Much closer to the old Top Gear chemistry.


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the series! So glad they have so much more freedom now with Amazon.

I found Rambo 3 on TV while I was cleaning today. It… Hasn’t aged well.


Yeah. Part 1 is still good, 2 is still OK, but 3… Yeah… not so great.


Just watched Dave Chappelle’s Equanimity on Netflix. :+1: Looking forward to The Bird Revelation. :smiley:

Here’s the Canadian site …



Ok, now- sit down and don’t let the hype take over but…

What if I told you that a new Robocop is in the works- but WAIT! it gets better…

It’s actually from the co-writer fo the original Robocop (1987), Ed Neumeier! - but WAIT! it gets even better…

They are going to scrap all that happened after the first one. Yes, Robocop 2 and 3 never happened (also the * shivers * modern reboot)- but WAIT! it gets even BETTER…

Ed Neumeier also wrote “Starship Troopers” and three of its seque… Oh wait.
* Groan *

Well at least he claims that "it’s a little bit more of the old school thing."
Uhm… :thinking: Do we dare hope for some healthy Ultra Violence and Social Criticism?

Well, it can’t possibly be worse than the latest RoboCop remake, am I right? Uh?


Looking forward to this :smiley:


Guys… GUYS… OMG…


Based on this…


Also to reminds us of the good things…


I read ‘A’ book about this some years ago now, called Task Force Dagger - The Hunt For Bin Laden by Robin Moore and was a very good read. Looking forward to seeing this if it’s following the true story.


The plot seemed to loosely follow Horse Soldiers, and while I found the movie very entertaining, including the look and feel, I’m surprised that they didn’t employ better military advisors. For instance, during all of the combat, I believe that I saw only one mag change. Sort of like a spaghetti western. And, if memory serves, while they did assault Taliban positions on horseback, it wasn’t after they had been pummeled by B-52s. Certainly didn’t ride through a bunch of functioning tanks and BDRs. I kept thinking, why don’t they shoot the horses?

With that in mind, there is probably enough good story there, to make it worth taking in at a good theater. I used the phrase “good theater”, because lately some of my experiences have been awful. Like a Regal 24 near me that has really bad, but incredibly expensive food, no beer/wine, and has the volume level during the previews and adds at excruciating levels. What don’t theater owners get when patrons begin showing up with hearing protection? Probably a whole other topic :slight_smile:


The Punisher caught me by surprise a few weeks ago …

I’m lovin’ it.


Very good series … Can’t wait for the second season of Jessica Jones as well


OMG, there’s literally EVERY videogame character in there! :star_struck:


Also this!

Cheesy but lovable!


I read the book and enjoyed it, but I’m really, really not looking forward to the movie at all.


I can understand… but still- how cool the trailer is!?


Well, with my son’s name being Kai and all…you can bet we are going. And buying the t-shirt…!