What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Yes! Really, you can watch it like it was a live-action version of evangelion.

The only sad thing is that Ron Pearlman character isn’t there this time…


For people who subscribe to HBO(now), I just saw that Atomic Blonde is available. Pretty awesome flick, if you haven’t seen it.


Latest news claims John Cena is going to be Duke Nukem on the Big Screen!
Can you see that happening? :smirk:


Just getting through Hell on Wheels I have binged the first 3 series and now am into series 4. I love the time I get to watch stuff during lambing season :slight_smile:


Just here to remind you that in TWO WEEKS “The Expanse” season 3 will begin! :smiley:


If its anything like last season, the uk will get it 8 months after… bleh


The Hunters is a 1958 movie staring Roberts Mitchum and Wagner, and the F-86. Lots of nice flying scenes. The movie has a 3/5 rating, but the jets make it nice to watch.


Quick heads up. Westworld series 2 premiers April 22nd
I loved the first series and this looks good too#


Jumping on @Cib’s HBO reference, I just finished binge watching True Detective Season 1, which received 5 Emmy awards. Harrelson and McConaughey are absolutely sick together as partners. I might have to watch it again before moving on to S2.


Umm…just watch season 1 again and stop there…


I should finish Hell on Wheels tonight and may have to try True Detective next :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea


Yeah, but Rachel McAdams is really hard to resist.


Fair enough. She IS in it, so it will clear that bar at least.


Just watch the first two episodes, then.


I love Harrelson’s look when McConaughey tells him “I contemplate the moment in the garden, the idea of allowing your own crucifiction.”



The first season was great - it really, really was. The rest was just so very not up to that level.


I sort of grew up watching the weekly episode of the original series in the '80s, so I had to see this. My missus wanted to see it, too, but was working, so I took the kiddie, who I also had watch the series on CD some years ago. She was making me laugh, because she was very excited, as if she had seen the original as many years ago as I had.

All the old mechanical monsters were “revived” for it, and among one of the most featured was Genocider F9, which was my favorite of them back in the day. Also, Dr. Hell was imperceptibly improved and made into a more convincing, thoughtful villian than the inane hooligan he was in the original. You almost see his point, at times! LOL!

I was very pleased they kept it as drawn graphics with minimal CG appearance, and didn’t screw it up like the Speed Racer film (IMHO).


Jesus Christ Superstar is currently live here. It’s one of my favorite musicals, and I’m loving this production.


OMG, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode whatever … the one where Jerry “maybe” gives Bob Einstein a 2017 Acura NSX … I’m still laughing. :smiley:

The poor 75 year old works so hard for it lol!


It was phenomenal :slight_smile: