Whatever Happened to Chat

I don’t see the bullhorn anymore. Not that I ever really used it. But to me its a better way to hook up with other players than awkwardly dropping in on people in TeamSpeak. Maybe I am just socially awkward but I hate doing that and therefore never go on TeamSpeak.

I still miss Hyperlobby!

Disabled it because we didn’t want to spend the time having to moderate it, and the posts in it stay around and are searchable.

You could join teamspeak without a mic, I sometimes do that in a work environment and just use the text chat like old hyperlobby.


Roger that. Thanks!

If you do that chat in the specific lobby not the global channel please. The global one beeps for everyone on the teamspeak.

I am going to start hanging out in Discord.

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I forgot about that - invite and link here:

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I wish it was used primarily so we could drop teamspeak tbh. Discord has always been silky smooth for me.

Discord is way more powerful than Teamspeak. This can be both good and bad. So far I have only seen the good. Some servers, Dynamic DCS for example, require it. Not for comms but to manage the campaign generator across clients and the server somehow. I don’t understand it but it seems to work. I also like the web functionality of Discord. On the Blue Flag “gadget” (the live DCS map), chat bubbles from Discord display as people post messages. It helps with differentiating between your own game crashes and server-wide crashes. Discord does also have a WhatsApp-social-media-WeWantToBeYourEverything vibe. It takes seconds to dispense with most of that, but I can completely understand why that would permanently turn people away.


Go for it, you could start a trend etc.

It doesn’t manage the campaign, the person who runs it just wants everyone to be in the same place communications wise to build “community”. Having been on that channel once, I don’t fly DDCS anymore

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