Where You Are Photos (2019)


Got this awesome photo in the Landschaftspark Duisburg today:

Where You Are Photos

Is it odd that I hear this sound while I’m looking at that photo?


Sounds like a swarm of angry bees…



They are attracted to Neymar’s hair gel…at least it keeps him from diving…



In keeping with the coffee cup theme…my wife got me this for Christmas…


78MP Panorama of the whole light installation:
Google Photos


That’s amazingly beautifully done. I’d love to find out who did the installation.


It’s the work of the British artist Jonathan Park. You can read more about it here:

It is truly amazing. Highly recommended if you’re ever in the Ruhrarea in Germany.


Yesterday be like

The conditions are absolutely bonkers. High winds and >1m of snow in the last 24h means this was probably the last tour for the next few days. It’s simply too hazardous right now.


Nice… look at that powder! I’m very envious, having gone back to work today.


It’s almost too much. ATM you can only ride shallow slopes, so you get stuck a lot, because snow.


One of the funny things about shooting an ILS to runway 35 in Augusta - there is a paper mill about a mile off the end of the approach end. You can smell it as you fly through the exhaust, and you get a little bump of rising air…sort of a tactile middle marker…


Paper mills are very smelly indeed.


Somewhat austere hunting cabin (but internet!) hitting a trail or two tomorrow…


Pre-hike pancakes…


When things don’t quite go to plan

What was supposed to be a simple one sector ferry flight in good weather.

I somehow got roped into this and back

To then have this to play with on arrival

And looking across the apron

Mongrel of a day


6.5 miles of mud bogging yesterday…


Back home after 3 months of travelling… no time to get over the jet lag though: Eva has learned to crawl and the whole place has to be baby-proofed.

Started by building a railing between the upper and lower decks to stop her from falling to her death…


Oh…baby proofing. I remember those days. Pads on the corners off all the edgy things (why did we buy all glass tables when were were young and dating??). And I can’t tell you how many times I almost lost a finger when those darn drawer lock things kept me from opening drawers. And pantry locks. And pool monitor (two!). And door chimes. Our son grew up in San Quentin.


Don’t forget the electrical outlet covers/plugs.