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You going to have enough time there to let it pass over or will you be out of there before it hits?


Squeaked out right before…but all the high altitude routes were shut down. They kept us at 10,000 all the way down south, cut across the line at the tapered end around BWI and brought us in to Dulles. We were clear of the front until crossing a low spot near BWI. Caught a good bit of turbulence there…enough to knock the autopilot off. The DC prohibited areas didn’t let us deviate the way we wanted too (South)…so we had to take the beating. Win some / lose some. Lots of routes got closed down though…lots of planes going back to their gates…so at least we got out of there.


Glad you made it out. i’m sure the Medevac callsign helped… :sunglasses:


The big dip in airspeed was where we hit the moderate turbulence…


NE of Denver


So my request to have our Citations outfitted with AN/APG-73 radars has been approved…just gonna remove a few bolts here and there and stick the new set on. (I’m sure it is that easy right?) Next proposal is for wing hardpoints and wingtip launch rails… Might be a FY2020 project though the way we are running through our budget?


But it is still going to be slower than an A10 Chris. Especially with the added drag of hard points, ordinance and larger nose cone ;). Maybe bigger engines and a new, swept wing. :thinking::wink:

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Falcon 2000LXS? :sunglasses: :grin:


That would do nicely :).


From last Saturday’s races:

Image 3-19-19 at 09.56.jpg

Unfortunately I’m in the boat closest to the camera (forward handling the jib sheets) - we lost by the preverbal nose.

It was also a photo finish for the race that I conned…if you used a time elapsed photo…


Who has the right of way in that situation…could you have headed off the wind a bit and pushed him into the pin end or does he have the right of way? I love watching the tactics in the Americas Cup races…even when I don’t fully understand them…


The photo was taken from the “Committee Boat” which is the other end of the start/finish line.

This was a down wind to the finish line so there were a couple of things going on tactically. We actually had a pretty good lead turning from the previous leg, but the other boat was close enough to “steal our air” by getting directly up wind from us and going “wing to wing” (the jib on one side, the main sail on the other). That allowed them to catch up.

They then pulled to our starboard side. The wind direction was just aft of our starboard quarters, so the move to starboard put them into a bit of a reach which gave them an extra knot or two for a few minutes. True, they were windward boat (and we were leeward boat) so we probably could have move to the right to force them away from the mark at that point.

However at that point we were getting in close. Any move laterally would have decreased our speed over water towards the finish line…so the helmsman decided to keep the speed up and hope we got there before they cold come back to a downwind run with some of the momentum from the reach.

By the time we saw that they had worked up more speed, we were in the zone (2 boat lengths from the mark) they had already overlapped us (their bow beyond our stern) so we had to give them the space.

Downwind racing is not that much fun without a spinnaker.




Use labels next time :smiley:


That looks delicious!

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It was. :slight_smile:

Though the price of beer here. Crikeys

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Weekend Warrior business