Where You Are Photos (2019)


I’m fitting the newest Hyundai Kona EV (full electric) as Racing Official vehicle for Super Bike World championship 2019…
That thing is VICIOUS! Powerful and completely silent.

And it’s above 50k €…


tres cool :smiley: electric is the future isnt it. All the torque available immediately.


HP and torque are there from second zero.
I’m still not sold on completely electric though.

Too much electricity is still created with fossil fuel… And beside that I’m still concerned with the batteries making and disposal of exhausted ones.


Hey at least they’re not proposing to put plutonium reactors on anything like they did in the 50s :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite true…

Oh… The Kona has an HUD.
Small, yes, but its retractable!


It is my understanding that while fossil fuel is still used for generating most of our electricity, you still are emitting less pollutants per mile travelled than if you use a gas/petrol/diesel vehicle. I’ll have to dig into that a little deeper to find a source.

Anyway, after driving an EV for the past 6 months, I can tell you that I absolutely love it.


I love it too- the sound on ignition is so similar to Wall-E waking up that I seriously adore that car.
That said it’s so much above my budget that I don’t kid myself…


Plum Crazy Purple that Plymouth Hemi 'Cudas were painted in back in the early 70’s (RIP). I rather love it myself.



This is accurate, and even taking into account manufacturing energy expenditures, cradle to grave, electric cars are more environmentally friendly.

Source: https://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/attach/2015/11/Cleaner-Cars-from-Cradle-to-Grave-full-report.pdf

Funny you mention this- I was just in a meeting where we were talking about this. While we don’t have large-scale infrastructure set up yet for recycling batteries, the material values are so high that it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll see storage batteries for cars or stationary sources being just thrown away. And somebody down the road is going to make an absolute killing collecting and refurbishing them.


Thanks for the link!

I stumbled across the Union of Concerned Scientists website just a couple of hours ago. They have an EV emissions tool, so I plugged in the details of my car:

I scrubbed out my zip code, but these figures are for a small town in Texas (an oil/gas producing State).


and it’s been interesting to see how much Texas has been going all-in for wind energy, and in some parts (including your region), solar as well. We’re waiting to see what your muni does with storage, since that’s on their radar for the near future.


I think this part of Texas is quite progressive in many ways.

I really need to look at getting a solar solution, and maybe a Tesla Power Wall (or something similar).


Start here:

And for potential grants/ tax credits/ programs to help pay for it, you can look here:


Awesome! Thanks very much for the info!



Is your dog broke?


No, just his tail. Doing self-care on it after yet another breakout of excitement-induced Happy Tail (it happens at least a couple of times a week, it seems).


Some of my babies…

EDIT: If you want to know more Google " Superbike 2019 Safety Car".
You’ll see them complete, all wrapped and spit-shined.


Nice babbies you got there m8 :smiley:


Yep, not too shabby. :wink:
But boy am I glad to see them go…

EDIT: Can’t actually show the Kona yet… NDA and such.