Where You Are Photos (2019)


I almost feel guilty posting this due to my fellow Canadian’s getting the real cold. It feels a lot like Autumn still here. I’m actually considering driving 5 hours this weekend to go get properly cold.

Note: The school bus in the field isn’t some nefarious elementary teacher using underaged workers, it’s just the cheap old vehicles they wheel the berry pickers around in.


No bears or elk this time. But a crap-ton of deer. Some beautiful racks.
No issues with entry. Park was really clean and bathrooms open.


And then it still has to melt in the spring, this weather wont bring anything good to western europe


If there are aggravating factors like heavy rain, it could be, but interestingly snowmelt on its own is unlikely to cause issues, even if there is as much snow as there is now.

Thankfully they managed to clear all the roads to the cut off communities last week.


Ah yeah you are right, that actually makes a lot of sense thinking about it.


@Derbysieger Thanks for that shot! We would have had an excellent view of it here, but… cloud cover. :frowning:


Really nice shot of the moon. :sunglasses:



Winter Ops.
I love it!

My beautiful island, from the north,

and from the south.

Sometimes clear, and sometimes not.

And sometimes at night…

Never gets boring…


The things you can do when staying at home with a baby for a bit…keeping the SLR handy for flybys!

The venerable RNZAF NZ4201 P-3K2 Orion flying past my house on approach to Whenuapai airfield this evening. This is one of the five Orions purchased back in 1966, so she’s not a young lady anymore!


…some of us were “purchased” a few years earlier…thanks for the reminder…now where did I leave my walker. :grin:


Enjoyable flight out Gloucester Airport today. Not looking forward to my night shift tonight as I’ve been awake since 7am and don’t start work till 11pm. The things we do for planes :roll_eyes:


The King Air B200 always catches my eye whenever I see one. I also miss my $100 hamburger days… Looks like a decent little airport restaurant/cafe too!


That b200 was a lovely thing! You don’t see too many round here. He flew off as my food was arriving and it was a lovely sight.
Beautiful little airport and great facilities there. Busier airspace than I would of thought as well. The bar was packed with spotters as well which was amusing.
11 quid to land can’t be sniffed at though when you get entry to the museum included apparently


It is funny how in the UK you get a lot of ‘spotters’. There is a passionate interest in aviation in the UK. Over here in the States, aviation is far more common, with most modest sized towns having a municiple airport. Despite that, there seems to be less interest from the general public. It seems kind of backwards.

I noticed there are quite a few spotters in New Zealand too.


Baseball cap. Sports shoulder bag. Jogging bottoms. Police radio. Cannon eos700 and 200 memory cards in flip wallet.

Official spotters uniform. Bless em.

Not that I can talk lol. I spend a horrendous amount of time at airshows in the summer and I am a proud uniform wearer lol


When I was in the RAF I used to keep a book of tail numbers and would check off each airframe as I saw it. I guess spotting is just in the British DNA :wink: . I draw the line at trains though and I will never admit to having once owned an Anorak. Nope, never had one :shushing_face: .

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about…


Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun photographing the moon.

Anyway, today I went to the art installation ‘Tiger & Turtle’ in Duisburg to take some abstract photographs. Enjoy!


Its getting bit warmer , -20 is ok. -32 not :slight_smile: spring is coming to Finland.

Waiting in car with kids , wife is in fastfood to pick some food.

@kuusamo , Finland


Yep, -32°C is cold, even by Scandinavian standards.

…and to be honest -20 is also a bit too cold for my taste. It is -6 here right now and I can live with that, but any colder and it becomes unpleasant for me these days. Not used to it anymore I guess.


Just catching up on the photos. @BeachAV8R, is it true that you guys rate FBOs by their fresh cookie offerings (and the cost of fuel)?