Where You Are Photos (2019)


There used to a be a site called FBOHotties dot com (LOL). It was a horribly sexist site that just showed pics of hot customer service and ramp girls. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been to Addison, Texas, but they were always rated the highest. Allegheny County outside of Pittsburgh, and Wilmington, NC were others that had really “nice” help.

Now that I’m older. Cookies work better. Fuel price helps.


40,000’ over the Mississippi on the way to Dallas…(bonus airplane if you look real hard)…


Why don’t you turn on labels? :slight_smile:


Still lives at the Internet Archive.



A couple from yesterday…

Sedona Arizona from FL410

A decent view of Meteor Crater near Winslow.

Night on the ground, but not quite dark at altitude.


Clicked for nostalgia’s sake… :+1:


You’re doing God’s work there @wheelsup_cavu
You are definitely on my Christmas card list


Ummm…from a safety point of view, many of the pictured young ladies are woefully unaware of prop-arc danger areas…Stevie from Texas immediately pops to mind…just say’n. :sunglasses:


Stay Frosty


What a lovely series of geographical features. In another life I might have become a geologist…


-2 F (-18 for the rest of you) this morning, windows are all iced up.


Sitting here in a toasty room in California and that still makes me shiver.



Well… England’s ruined.


Freezing in Pittsburgh…


I’ll be there in 3 weeks!


Someone appears to be fondling your tube. Just saying!


A few from my recent travels…

Getting the airplane squared away at the end of a trip

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi

Pop quiz… where am I?

Sunny Van Nuys yesterday. There was some occasional lightning within visible distance, so they stopped all fueling and wouldn’t allow the line crew to go out on the ramp… makes you wonder how they manage to operate in Florida!


Irvine, CA?



California yes… Irvine, no. :wink: