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Out of an off duty period for COVID testing and back into the air tonight. Appropriately miserable night of weather ahead… :snowflake:


Do they stick a swab up your nose? :nose: Curious on that, as I’ve not been tested.

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I took two tests…one was a pre-provided home testing kit that you then next day air to the lab. That one had a swab that you only insert about an inch into your nose, swab, then break off and put in a vial that has solution in it.

The hospital COVID test had the 6” long thin swab that goes in your nose and reaches the back of your nasal cavity…maybe 4 or 5”. It doesn’t feel great…but it certainly isn’t painful (well…it wasn’t for me). It was over in about 10 seconds.

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I used to hate standby at night in Shetland listening to the westerlies hit my house shaking it and bending the lounge window in. You could see the large window flex. I knew my partner worried. It wasn’t as bad in daylight. Not long after we moved there we went to the unveiling of this. Its on the extended centreline about half a mile out


I feel ya… Tonight is a middle of nowhere strip…Poplar Bluff, Missouri… But they had fuel and left us the keys to the little FBO building…


Ground Handling Deluxe and ORBX PeopleFlow…


Shouldn’t this thread be in the Screens & AARs section, same as the previous years versions?

COVID test’s. In Denmark I have tried a number of the health system main swab down the throat test and a single private sector quick nose test and I very much prefer the throat variant.

I just pretend to be a sword swallover, kneel down and bend my neck as far back as it can go and no problems.

The nose test, well it is very easy for me to get nosebleedings and I did get a slight bleed from that one.

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Good idea…moved…!

Went for a hike. Typical dreary Lower Rhine winter weather… +3°C, cloudy, damp with a slight hint of mist. Only missing the rain for a change.



A winter’s day. Taken at my sister’s house up in Michigan.


Chainsawing limbs and small trees today from a pile I had made in the summer. I much prefer working with big trees because then I get the additional satisfaction of splitting the rounds. Limbs are just an ankle breaking hassle…but they heat the same… :man_shrugging:t3:


Resumption of soccer practices means I get in lots of miles each week…


Not me on the pic, it’s one of my guys. We built these steps today from concrete blocks that weigh 126kg a piece. That’s a good 277 pounds for you imperials. We managed to finish them all the way in one go, though we laid the first one last week. The client specified no cement to be used, so we didn’t, but she didn’t mind getting three tonnes of concrete from the factory &-)

The weather is about what you can expect from Dutch winter weather: miserably wet and cold. Still me and the boys soldiered on and laid these big fokkers to perfection. I am immensely proud of these steps, they are the biggest, baddest thing I ever built.


That is a stunning piece of work mate. Wow!


Question. Did you do that amazing brickwork as well? Which came first? Did you need to cut the steps to fit the brickwork or fit the brickwork to the steps? I only ask as it looks such a neat and perfect fit together I wondered how it was done

The brickwork is ours as well. We did that first, then we cut the big chunks of concrete to size. The art of it was in the preparation, putting special soils in, stamping those by foot (too narrow to use a machine) and using a spirit level to get them just so.

Then we measured three times, before cutting those blocks. Cutting was fun. I think our stonesaw has met its match. We had to turn them over and do two cuts, breaking the last bit.

Relatively easy part was lifting them in. We used stowing ribbons to carefully position them, then hammered them into place with rubber hammers. Labor intensive, but that’s kind of our thing.

It was mostly me and Wil. One of my guys is wintering in motherlovin’ Cameroon, the other blew his knees. Then there’s D, but he’s kind of special and not of much use with those big ol’ chunks of concrete.


That’s craftsmanship there schurem! Great job on you and your crew.


You, sir, are a machine!
Great job, it looks awesome!


That’s absolutely impressive! :smiley:

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love that wall

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