Where You Are Photos




That’s some impressive lightning! Did you drag him around behind you until you got just the right shot? :wink:


F 35 Lightning 2 to be exact :wink:

Warm golden light was just dumb luck. We were flying directly into rising sun and air refueling just happened right there. Few minutes either way (+/-) and it wouldn’t look this way.


I thought my joke would be a little more subtle :sweat_smile:


I wonder what speed you were at to have slats and from what i can see flaps deployed on the 35


Oooh, Let me guess…

Uhm… 250Kts IAS?


We were at 305-315 IAS and FL250.


UNH Hockey


Good seats - could you get a bit of popcorn into the penalty box from there? :slight_smile:


We’ve been banging on the glass behind UMass- Lowells bench.

UNH scored a goal and while the announcer was calling it and we were all looking at the big screen with the player video going Umass scored a goal at the other end. None of us saw it. The goals were 17 seconds apart lol.


Watching the locals set themselves on fire here in Cozumel. Pretty sure that’s an OSHA violation…


Not in Cozumel…but not home (yet)…


I’ll bet one of those could get me to Christmas Island in one hop… :thinking:


Pity the top was closed from that rock slide a few weeks ago, but most of the way there:

A goat cheese fondue:

Sunday Funday before heading home:




Any trout in that lake?


Dang…that looks awesome. That shrimp and grits in the bowl?


It’s artificial (Alouette Lake), in that pretty much all our power in BC comes from hydro dams, and this is a feeder lake kept as a reserve store (it actually feeds into another much bigger lake lower down where the turbines are through a mountain tunnel; it’s basically a water battery). There are a couple of fish in it but the dam doesn’t have a fish ladder to the downstream river, so the returning big guys can’t come back up anymore. There is a hatchery at the base of the dam (plus some talk of building a series of pools so they can jump back up). We have a lot of water.


It is- that’s from the Marketplace Restaurant. Early Girl and Tupelo Honey both had 1+ hour waits this morning.


Coming home from a week away from your seven year old to see this waiting on the kitchen counter at midnight…couldn’t have melted my heart any more. As a military brat, my Dad often had to deploy, sometimes for up to a year. I don’t know how servicemen and women do it.