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When I’m back home from work I try to get the ‘high energy’ (that’s vet speak for ‘pain in the ass’ I think) dog out for a good walk/run early each day. As someone with an inside-a-building occupation, I’d go crazy unless I get out for a good chunk of time.

As I imagine we all live in different places I thought I’d share some pics from this morning’s hike - I’m no photographer though, but Canada makes it easier. I’m out in the Valley as you go away from Vancouver, BC.

Winter is Coming (again)…

Got any local snaps of what you see and want to share?


Well I don’t have any recent photos. Mostly because it’s dark when I leave the house and it’s dark again when I get home.

This is from back in September:

Older stuff

Night at the Rhine, pretty typical view around here, lots of industries etc

THE Autobahn around where I grew up - the A40. It’s also called the Ruhrschnellweg. It connects the entire Ruhr Area with the Netherlands and is one of the most congested Autobahns in NRW (but then again, which Autobahn in the Ruhr Area isn’t congested?!?! Here is the the bridge during a foggy night where it crosses the Rhine

… and even when they close it down for a day you can’t avoid a massive traffic jam. Maybe we just assume it’s not a proper Autobahn without a traffic jam

Just a normal country side around here:


Beautiful - thanks @Derbysieger

Some photos from work…A320 and E190 and MD80…I have some scernry pics somewhere but damned if I know where…

Anyway enjoy these for now. Also great pics from you guys


Great stuff - thanks! Where about’s is that (generally)? :smile:

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Opps forgot to add that! Thats KSAV-Savannah Gerogia.

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Nice pictures, guys!

I guess I have to search for a few nice photos of the Black Forest in south-western Germany, which is where I happen to live. My brother took some great ones this year I think, he has some skill with the camera.


I can help with that. Granted they’re about 5ish years old at this point and I can’t remember the name of the village I was staying at but still:

The attempt to capture a partial solar eclipse ended with clouds in the way. On my way downhill I took this photo instead, looking towards Hinterzarten:

Into the clouds, on my way to Hinterzarten:

The Feldberg:

Hiking up a ravine, only a few kilometers from Hinterzarten:

I remember it was very warm when I took this picture, all the snow was melting away:

I just hope we get some snow this winter. We haven’t had a proper winter in 3 years …


Oh man, that looks fantastic @Derbysieger!

Yep, same here the other side of the world. We have local ski hills, of which two are on the verge of shutting down due to three seasons of damp-squibs and not enough snow. They used to be very reliable too. Whistler and the Interior are always reliable (and nicer snow, away from the Pacific) but it means a longer drive.

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I can’t remember temperatures below 0°C except for a handful of mornings in the last years. Today it was 17°C - in the middle of December!

I really miss snow. This was almost 6 years ago

This was Hamburg ZOB last year around this time, ~23:00h, dense fog, temperatures around 5°C

Edit: Now I’m complaining about the weather. How very German of me :smiley:


Fantastic shots, Derbysieger!
Concerning the weather, there is the old saying: “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing” (fun fact: In Norwegian this is actually a rhyme)

In the Black Forest we have some deep valleys, it gets really dark and cold there in winter. Last year we had some pretty cold days, in february for example. It is just the snow that was missing during the last years, except when you go really high up. I am at about 500m above sea level here, and in the last few years we only had a couple of real snow days.
But then I think: At least I don’t have to shovel that much. :smiley:

Hinterzarten is at roughly 900m and the Feldberg at about 1500m, they have snow every year of course. And as we can see in your pictures it can be so beautiful there, especially in winter. When the weather is clear you can see the Alps, including the Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany) and even the Montblanc (highest mountain of Europe, except for those who count the Caucasus to Europe, then the Elbrus is higher) which is some 250km away.
It makes you feel really small. Just great.

This is a pic of my view driving home today. It was a balmy 73°F (23°C to you non-imperialists) as we’re in the middle of a cold-snap.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to take pics at work, let alone post them, but it’d be boring pictures of mostly dudes in a cubicle farm anyway, so this works just as well:



I personally love the high plains / desert biome. Being where we are in ‘rain/fir tree central’, some time over the winter every year we’ll try to spend time in that Cali / Arizona / Nevada triangle to dry out a bit and remember what the sun looks like.

Thinking about this thread today as we drove home from our little town on the Colorado Front Range. That is Longs Peak ahead. We had a good 12" of snow a couple days ago, tomorrow it will be 50°F.

Taken from my new Droid Galaxy Note5 – what a fantastic phone!



I haven’t taking any nature pic in a while. But here’s a place south of here, that I went to a year back.


Where is that? It kinda looks like Norway (been there a few times). But it could also be in Canada or northern USA. The same biome. :smiley:

EDIT: The more I look at it the more I think it could be Hardangervidda nasjonalpark. Or maybe Byglandsfjorden. But I could be totally wrong. :smiley:

You are correct in the assumption that it might be Norway. It certainly is. But not the Hardanger plateau. The large body of water you see is lake Nisser. The top view is from eastern mount Roholt (1km/0.62mile up)just north of Vrådal. Google Maps


I’ve seen that photo from another perspective…LOL…camped out in the Boulderfield on Longs Peak with a few inches of new snow…(my wife was not happy about that development…)


Definitely ranks among our most memorable hikes. My wife had a real moment of clarity on that hike…



Everyone’s posting awesome landscapes and I’m just sitting by the burger stand, waiting for my burger…


That’s a pretty burger stand location though. :smile:

I hoped with this thread that, because we were all in such different places, that a quick snap on the phone would be exactly the best thing to share.