Where You Are Photos


How many Mk-82s can that carry? :thinking:

Probably more then it ever should! :wink:



Plano, Tx


Rain? Cold? Dreary? Must be Ohio in Autumn


Or the UK, all the time…


That’s not true. I distinctly remember a period of 6 days of continuous sunshine in the summer of 1976! :slight_smile:


Yes…yes it was.




As nice as the South Coast of England every gets…


North or south bound? That’s more or less the same flight I made :smile:



shexshy airbussh


Looks a bit like Chesil Beach? Maybe West Bay?


Cheering on my amazing wife as she competes in her first full Ironman. Tempe, AZ
She is the one on the white bike.


It’s the Petty Levels, between Hastings and Winchelsea. Reminds me a little of the Netherlands, in that you need to climb a hill to get to the beach.


Baby Bus is Best Bus


Just like Baby Dash is Best Dash!


Together with a 737-200, they are so adorable, tiny and cuddly! Although those CFM-56-5B engines are “better” in pretty much any aspect :wink:


MD-88 airfoil. On final for Ohare today. I was trying to explain to my daughter how the control surfaces produce movement on the different axis, and found myself contemplating the size of the flap vs aileron.


The size difference really has to do with function. Flaps move slow and change the wing’s chord to produce extra lift. A aileron has to move quickly and change the roll rate of the whole aircraft. It also can be smaller thanks to the torque it creates by being near the wing tip.