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Used to visit Petoskey as a kid with my parents during summer vacations in Mackinaw.


Friends of mine hiked three months from Zurich to Vienna few years back. Definitely an experience you carry with you for the rest of your life.


One of them ugly, cold, wet, miserable nights. All aboard…


Got to be an electrician again today!


We should start calling you “The Martian”!

(Um…because in the movie he had to work a lot with solar panels…maybe not).


This site was rated* at 25 kW. I don’t remember what the panels at the HAB had for total rated capacity - I’ll have to dive back into the book.

*it’s also 10 years old, and it gets pretty hot here, both of which affect efficiency and total output.



And the caption reads, “Dad, do I really have to wear these?”



…how did y’all get down to field level??


So what goes on underneath those solar panels?


The layout is six rows of modules, with each row making up a string of six modules. So, wires in conduit going to the combiner boxes for each string, and individual grounds to each panel and module. Because the site is on the same property as NC State’s football and basketball arenas, the whole area is fenced off with barbed wire, because students do the dumbest things, and ~400 VDC hurts.


When a team is 2-8, any win is a rush the field victory… :joy:

No…just kidding. It was Academic All Stars night, we got free tickets for our son being semi-smart (he got all of his redeeming genetics from his mother). At the end of the game they let all the families down on the field for a half hour. Fun night with a nice win for the Tar Heels…


First ice this fall a couple of days ago

After sunset


I resemble that remark. :slightly_smiling_face:


That snow is definitely getting closer. Not long now…


Time to put out the bear feeders…


Wish it would snow in the California mountains regularly and heavily again. We need the water badly.



So out at Circuit of the Americas for the Hankook 24 hrs of CotA. Great weather Friday and Saturday, when I spied these guys heading out from KAUS. Car pics will follow tomorrow after sleep and culling 1500 or so images.


The A-10s that buzzed the stadium at the UNC game. They hit a perfect TOT…!