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Went to Houston this weekend. Some of the highlights were the Renaissance Festival and the Museum of Natural Science. Good stuff.


Had my 492nd Fini flight today
Flew a bunch of BFM and ACM, total rage fest, due to the fact it was kinda thrown in at the last minute without a lot of fanfare, I wasn’t really expecting the usual to do about a fini flight.

I was slightly wrong, that’s me in the middle finishing off the bottle of champagne I just got sprayed down with.

Sad to be leaving the Strike Eagle for awhile, but super excited to go fly the Growler.

Wish I could do both without leaving the other behind.


Congrats klar! Growler? Is that an inter-service transfer thing, as in you’re going on the boat? Wow!


Not on the boat, going to expeditionary squadrons. The USAF has a squadron of WSOs ( and a few pilots) that go through the RAG and then supplement the navy, but only to the expeditionary non-boat squadrons. It’s our way of staying in the Electronic fighter warfare game now that the spaarkvark has been retired. The growler is also a joint platform so the Air Force has some call for it in various operations


Congratulations klar.



Getting literal about zapping some fools eh? Congratz klarsnow :grin:


Congratulations to you Karsnow and good luck in your new adventure.


Now… I’m sure your new friends will have some pictures of the Prowler so… feel free to post all of them. :smiley:


A cathedral in Tours, France…unfortunately what isn’t in the photo is the two 2-ships of Alphajets from Tours air base that unexpectedly did a low level flyby a second after I took the photo. Ah well!


Waiting on LGA security to let our ambulance through…


Cloud surfing…


Making the best of it for a Thanksgiving meal at work. Rotisserie chicken, stuffing, and pie. Not Mom’s or wife’s cooking, but good enough.


With my family in South Carolina. We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving at this house since before the Civil War. I am beyond words to express how very fortunate and thankful to have me wife and kids be part of the tradition.


That’s gonna require a lot of food…! And drink…


I’m everywhere today!


I visited the Le Bourget Air and Space Museum in Paris today. Took a few snaps:

One of @Cygon_Parrot 's corrugated iron carts (I assume):

A Gazelle! Kinda made me want to get the DCS module. it is teeny tiny, much smaller than I realised:

Mirage 2000. She sure is pretty.

Unsure whether this refuelling method was actually used - but it looked amusing to me:

A Jaguar, Super Etendard and a Mirage 4000 prototype lined up:

A couple more Jaguar shots - would love this bird in DCS:

Another plane I’d love in DCS for that 'Nam feeling:

I forget who it was who did a really indepth AAR of a Concorde flight a while back - but here’s a few shots of the insides of the real thing to confirm accuracy. They have 2 different versions in the museum:

Apparently these were early experimental supersonic planes - eep. In the first shot the plexi glass section before the intake is the cockpit - originally only the tiny bubble on the top was glass, obviously. And that thing went above Mach 2. Makes the X-15 look like a positively safe design!


Went to the Oklahoma City Museum and Memorial- incredibly powerful. This was the only picture I felt I could take and still be respectful of the site.


Is that some sort of war memorial for the ship?



Memorial for the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing in 1995.