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I know right. Like Texas size.

“Everything’s big in Texas.”

A good rule of thumb to remember should you ever need suppository while there…
“Bring them from home.”


Pretty typical Dutch view after a run, walking back home.


Is that an HDR photo? Cool.

Nop, bog standard motorola phone photo! :slight_smile:

So many cables you have

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Cert’d for Open Waters Dives. .


See anything interesting down there…?


Nice. May I assume Pacific with the wet suit?

My wife and I took the kids for a Disney cruise this week out of Port Canaveral. A 5 day Western Caribbean affair. Was a blast but feel like I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner every day for a week. I did manage to work out twice and run a 5K on their Castaway Cay island, so was not a total loss.

The family Truckster at Port Canaveral with our boat behind, the Disney Dream. Hull laid in 2009. Makes 22 knts cruise, crew of 1500, with accommodations for 4000. In the foreground, Honda Odyssey. Hull laid 2013, gets 22.5 mpg @ 80 mph. Crew of 1 and accommodations for 6 plus luggage.

Arrival in Nassau. From left to right, 2 x Carnival boats, the Disney Wonder, and Empress of the Seas. We were told that it was rare for 2 of the 4 Disney ships to be in port together. The crews very much enjoy visiting their Disney ocean going colleagues while docked.

Caught this from our state room veranda. The Wonder leaves about an hour ahead of us and near sunset. Q for sea going types: what are the extensions of the bridge called, if they have a name?

The only picture that I found on my phone of my wife and I heading to the pirate party on 11 deck. Was a great time but the martinis did their damage, ARGGGHHH. Funny, we passed one of the officers on the way, and he asked if we were going to try to take the ship. I replied that there were probably enough pirates on board to carry this out, but that at this point we were too inebriated to get properly organized.

Our daughters heading out to meet their idols, the Disney princesses. They look harmless, but can kick ass when they assault as a team. Apparently Eliza tackled Snow White to the deck in a frenzied moment.


South Japan. Water was warmer than outside temp.

I think they are wing bridges (?) - nope bridge wings…LOL…

Cool. I noticed that they are largely uninhabited except during docking. Here we are maneuvering to dock on the port side and Castaway Cay.

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OMG your daughters are adorable. And martinis? I thought pirates drank rum?

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They are pretty much only used during docking, or when they feel like something needs to be inspected on the side of the ship from the bridge.

Thanks Chris. Kai is a handsome dude for sure and couldn’t have a better role model IMO.

As to the martinis, that was boots my lad! Arrr!


The centre of Leiden this morning.
Moved here from the outskirts of the city almost two months ago. Still a stunning thought this is my backyard now.


Aah, the kijkhuis is right around there!