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Did you see any hobbits strolling around with a ring by any chance? I mean, not asking for myself… For a friend…


Jealous of that location…that is a dream trip of mine…have you ever gotten to fly over the Milford Sound with the tourist planes?


Now you’ve confused me, Chipwich. I distinctly remember a photo on SimHQ, oh, years back, in the motorsport section (when it was still with the main forum) of a guy walking through a pitlane - might have been Indy but maybe not - and I have always thought it was you. So every time I read your posts, I sort of imagined that guy was doing the talking - but now I see I was very much mistaken.

That guy looked like he regularly pumped iron - know what I mean (no offence :grin: ). Maybe it was W-K…


Ha! That was probably the GP at Indy in 2002 as guests of Ferrari (another story). So 15 years ago and pre marriage, kids, etc. Now, I barely have time to check the results :unamused:


Right! :grinning:

I actually wondered about that, after I posted - sorry, man!


Brought back some good memories.

Ferrari mission control. Flight director was Jean Todt in those days.

With my brother in the Ferrari pit post qually.

Michael and Rubens celebrating another 1-2 finish.

Schumi chats it up afterward. Better days.


SEQM, starting this morning’s line check at 06:20 HL. Looking a bit like a Asimov science fiction cover, I thought.


No Hobbit sightings, but if they are out there then this is where they are likely to be… :wink:


You really must get down there Chris. The scenery is stunning. Having read your recent article in PC Pilot about Milford Sound, I really must do that if I get to visit again.

I’m back in the States now after an 11 and a half hour airline flight from Auckland the SFO. Just one more hop to home. This was my shortest visit to NZ, just two nights. Not much time for sight seeing this time.


Yeah…I’m definitely going to take the tourist flight to Milford Sound whenever I get there…


It sort of looks like a nuclear blast went off just south of Bermuda…


Oh…I learned it was just Team Oracle scuttling their boat…


There’s the airport on the northwest tip of the island…


Where are you heading?


No further than Bermuda…LOL…that’s for sure! We have just enough fuel to get to Bermuda, and shoot an hours worth of approaches (no return to the mainland). For that flight we just headed back to Baltimore. Our typical destinations out of Bermuda are for NIH patients (Bermuda/UK citizens) that head to Baltimore, Boston, Toronto, or occasionally Halifax.


Dreary evening over Schiphol, taken from MX sid e


Aruba airport. We used to have a route that spent the night here before, which was quite pleasant but is now no longer the case. Just enough time to get a bite and take the snap for here.


I have some great memories of Aruba…man…15 years ago!


South eastern end of the island?

I used to grab the complimentary mountain bicycle from the hotel and scour the place in increments every time we went there. Mostly on my own, but there was one memorable time when I convinced the whole crew to get their behinds off the beach chairs and ride up to the California Lighthouse and the Italian restaurant there (which was the incentive, LOL!).


dreary part 2