Where You Are Photos


R34 was the best but dang do I love the looks of the R33


I liked the R33’s Looks, but not the performance…


Well, this is the usual sort of view out my hobby room window

But I’m also able to go and look at these, just up the road, whenever the Sun does come out to play:

I’m a lucky guy!


Looks like you retouched those warbird pics…


Are you near Duxford?


Flying “Medevac” has distinct advantages. While most planes along the northeast corridor yesterday were being ground stopped for that line of weather that came through (some being held for up to 3-4 hours!)…ATC worked out a route for us that was better than what we even get on a normal day (HUGO3 MERIL JFK.ORW3)…! Took us just down the east side of the weather and we beat it into Boston. (And then we broke down with a blown current limiter…so spent the night here…)


I didn’t retouch the pics. In fact, I took them with my phone and all I’ve done is resize them to a managable forum size.

I’m not exactly near Duxford - but it isn’t that far, about an hour in the car. But I am near the BBMF - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, at RAF Coningsby, which is where they were taken (spot the Typhoon tail in the first one). Luckily, I get to see all sorts of exotic stuff, from Spits and Hurricanes and the Lancaster (or two, when the Canadian one was here) to a Catalina, Bird Dogs, a B-17 and stuff I don’t even recognise.


Then, good job! :smiley:


A foggy morning in Christchurch NZ.

Starting a visual approach into Queenstown NZ.


A murky descent into Charlotte a couple hours ago… Finally got our plane fixed in Boston…yay!


Hmmm, I didn’t see you Beach! :laughing:


I’ll be there’s good fish and chips there!


Fixin’ to get dumped on…


My wife and I brought the kids to Seattle for vacation. Very nice ride out in a DAL B739ER. Much impressed with that aircraft. Hitting some of the usual tourist spots today. Hand another tourist your phone gets you this…

Beecher’s for lunch because mom and dad like the mac and cheese, and the kids love grilled cheese.


After the rain…


myself and @Tyco had some pretty good schnitzel and beer in the German restaurant about three doors the right last September.


Was that the little replica bier stube over in the market? When we passed, it was all that I could do to suppress a Pavlovian response.


that’d be the one!


That’s a superb shot Chris.


Getting ready to leave Queenstown earlier today. The backdrop looks very Tolkienesque.