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Not only I LOVE Morocco, been there with wife for our Honey moon (nothing arranged, we had an amazing two weeks of backpacking), but I think I can tell their cuisine is some of the finest I’ve ever tasted!

That looks like a fantastic Tajine… I seem to have been there!
Could it be that restaurant had a Mona Lisa drawn with Typical maroccan attire hanging on the wall?


Unfortunately not, this place has no walls.


Was an internal court turned into restaurant?


Nope, this was a roof terrace in a not-so-nice area of the Medina.

Food was amazing but you would never have guessed it from the decor of the place. Menu was really small and that’s usually a really good sign.


Oh, I can totally relate to that.
I can suggest the Ouzud Waterfalls. Or something like that…


Maui. Back in August. Hope all are well at Mudspike! :mudspike:


Not as nice as where @fearlessfrog is.

But got my hands on the new 320 neo. . And well… Its a plane.

Though its got fancy blades


Dang…I had to do a double-take because I thought that was the beach my wife and I got married on…(Makena Surf)…but I think ours might have been one more south…


No problems here, that I can see…
NOOOO problems… What so ever…
We haven’t emptied the expense account. Nor have we made any really, reeeally, stupid investments with Mudspike.com as collateral.

Right, guys?

There’s no reason for @fearlessfrog to rush home, is there…? In fact, he could stay away even longer… Couldn’t he? :grimacing:


So wait, where am I supposed to put all these Mudspike Titanium-plated Fidget Spinners now?


He can stay away until you rebuild the clubhouse after the party guests smashed the place up. And find a new home for the family of skunks you keep in his apartment :cow2:


You do realize he installed a kill switch right?


Oh I can find some places…

namely my room


I thought you knew how to bypass that?

Oh, well… Let’s hope he doesn’t log on that often.


Is that what that big red button was for? The one that said “Do Not Press?”

It kept making funny noises downstairs every time I pressed it, so I fixed it.


Very Gen-X’ish, those blades!


I wish I had my trusty old Canon EOS 50D with me this morning. The view was absolutely amazing. This picture doesn’t do it justice:


We’re by the Fairmont (which has a chapel?), so I think the same place. Very nice here, lots of marriages going on, I rush in and object about once a day - we all need hobbies. :slight_smile:

Too busy on the Subnautica DLC

(taken this morning on a $50 cheap underwater thing I picked up in BestBuy Anaheim last week - expected the worse but it’s actually not that bad)


At the very minimum you should be attending all the receptions…


Shhh, this is my secret plan for next summer.