Where'd our airplanes go?


We’re back to hearts for likes?


@fearlessfrog installed the S-400 library to the forum software.


It’s a cache issue, in that we have no cash.

A browser refresh should fix it. It happens every time I monkey around (GIF REFERENCE KEEPS GIVING) with the features and redeploy. The diligent ones among you may have even seen the downtime yesterday caused by me not making mistakes and screwing things up.


Weird. Was on phone. It has magically just fixed itself. I didn’t do anything.


I ‘invalidated the cache’ our end, which is just a fancy way to say I fixed it, but have to fix it every time I update and I forgot yesterday. In about 24 hours after an update it sort of fixes itself, which just causes me to forget it more.


I’m telling you…the bots and scripts and story programs are all going to combine one day in a mad scientist way and seek us all out and scrub our identities from the internet…!



Fyi there’s a ahoutbox icon beside the search that returns a missing page.


t’was a casualty of the great Star Citizen Wars of 2018


Deleted - thanks. A relic from a gentler time.


Hehe, chat was all the rage. :wink:


FYI - 2001 A Space Odyssey is at US IMAX theaters for a month to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


I’d take my wife to see it…but she’d probably leave with that “WTF did we just watch” look on her face. She still rolls her eyes when I say how much I enjoyed the two part saga “Che” featuring Benicio del Toro…I think she fell asleep during one of those films while I was transfixed by the dialog. I’m an odd film buff though…I actually enjoyed the plantation dinner scene in Apocalypse Now Redux…


We could start a whole tread on that subject.

For the record I did get the “WTF did we just watch” look after 2001 with my wife.

Other films include:
This is Spinal Tap
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

…after which time I stoped “forcing” her to watch certain classic examples of the art of film making. In other words, she has not seen the epic for all time and all ages…

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension


Hey! Where did the Heart-shaped “Likes” go? :smile:


I think they should change shape every month.


You just want an Intruder shaped like icon. Admit it!


Me: Ha ha ha what? Who? Me?
Hahaha totally not…

Also me:


Like icon ‘fighter jet’ is a bit broke due to underlying changes to fonts. Will fix soon.


Thought something was different.



Please do! I fell like a Care Bear. :fearful: