Windows 10 Boot Issue

Shut it down last night and noticed it was hanging on the shutdown screen for 10 minutes, so did a hard power off. Powered up this morning to work on a few things, and it’s been stuck on the screen for the last hour.


If the circle is rotating, let it working.
Sometimes is updates and cleanups and ALWAYS after a forced power off it spend much much time (sometimes more than 1h) to cleanup and realign all the data again.
So let it working and watch some movie(s) on tv.

That is the problem of these minimalists interfaces where it do tons of things in the background and we didn’t know what and only creates stress about “it freezed?” “it stucked?”…

Also avoid do forced power off, if the disc is in writing cycles you can end up with corrupted files and screw your OS. Also the OS is almost all the time writing few bytes for logs, registry data, temp files, etc etc

@Navynuke99 do you have important data on that hard drive? If so, now is a good time to boot from a USB stick and back up that data to an external drive.

Chances are the drive is dying. Could be a ton of other things, but better to be safe than sorry.

Could also be a memory fault causing data corruption on a healthy drive.

If the data is not important, try to get into the UEFI first to check the SMART health info of the disk. Then do a RAM check (memtest86+ e.g.). Then try recovery mode to check basic filesystem integrity. Scandisk or whatever it’s called these days.

Then try booting into recovery mode to eliminate driver issues from the equation.

Oh yeah, also unplug all USB peripherals you don’t need.

Most recent Win10 update gave me a scare too. Woke up this morning and the computer was stuck at the login screen. Something that should not happen since the system should automagically go through boot up straight to the desktop. Logged into the computer and my desktop was all wrong. Thankfully a reboot of the system brought back all the correct settings.


So, that drive is OS only, with IIRC maybe the default Program Files directories- which don’t really have anything super vital in them. And this is a now 8 1/2 year old Samsung 840 SSD, so it would make sense that it’s failing, I guess- figured it was time sooner than later for a new system build, so it’s sounding like this may be more inevitable than I’d thought?

Anyway, Windows loading screen went away, and now I’ve just got a black screen. When I have time later this morning, I can hop back and see about rebooting into BIOS to get a look at what’s going on.

Thanks so far!

Update: went to restart, and was greeted by this:

I’ll check again after lunch.

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Ok, what do I do next?

Depending on how valuable the data on that drive is…

I would shut it down and restart into the bios. There is usually a memory diag you can
run to see if ram is your problem - and let it mark it bad if it is. Run othe rest of the diags.

And if you have enough beer, look through the event log to see if that helps (but never does).

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Continue , exit and continue to Win 10 usually fixes it… if not you may have to do troubleshoot…

I have choose Continue…
Win10 have many self repairing routines and scripts, but it requires waiting long starts/reboots.

well there is a way to reinstall Windows so as that you will not loose most programs and such or any info like pictures or music.

You will access it from troubleshoot but google it to be sure as I forget the exact steps… I am pretty sure it is not a reset as that will wipe everything…

I will see if google bears any fruit here gimme a minute… sorry for the delay…

EDIT here try this link from Microsoft:

And a moment of silence- C drive is pretty much toast, and while she’ll boot into BIOS and even into Windows, I can’t get the OS to migrate. And, of course, the timing couldn’t be worse for upcoming time off, the Christmas flight, and using the desktop for other work and school related (and personal) projects.


So, there’s only one thing a person can do when they’re suffering from a computer-related and existential funk…





Use the mouse/keyboard as the legacy parts and upgrade everything else stat!

(a system buy is probably the best way to get an ok deal on a 30X0 right now, just saying…)


Monitors too, and I had honestly planned on scavenging my old system for the 1070, waiting on prices for processors to return to normal in 10-12 months. It’s not a bad idea though- it can’t hurt to look at pre-built packages as well. :man_shrugging:t6:



That 3080 is calling bro…


Good time to have to buy something as well. Could get a bargain on a complete 3080 system… :smiling_imp:

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…and at least three of the builders in the area aren’t doing systems right now because of supply issues. Hmmm…

Check these guys out. A friend of mine ordered one a couple of weeks ago and it arrived pretty quickly.

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I had a system of theirs some years back, and there were serious cooling issues out of the box; not gonna lie I’m still a bit gun- shy with them as a result. But it can’t hurt to take a look?

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