WMR Clarity and renderTargetScale Experiments


Maybe more water? Just about every airfield is located within sight of water–the PG or GOO. Have you tried testing in N Iran? Maybe the overall lighter and “mono-hue” of the terrain? Mostly light sandy stuff.

Quick question. You mention Steam VR app. Necessary?


I think so. Some of the settings chipwitch mentioned are in SVR (Steam VR). But i dont want to put words in his mouth…


My final tally is much like @chipwich.
PD 1.0, Steam VR 220 and Motion Reprojection OFF.
In game
Textures high, terrain tex high, civ traffic off, Vis high, Heat blur low, shadows flat, cockpit res 512, Lens efx Flare.
MSAA Depth of field and motion blur off. SSAA Off.
Clutter 500, trees 50%, preload 100k, chimney smoke 0, Gamma 2. AF 8x, Terrain shadows flat, pit global off.
I used fps vr to gauge my progress.
Big thanks to @chipwich for sharing.


Well it’s all so subjective, one hates to make generalizations. It’s what works for me today. Who knows about the next update. I need to try some of your graphic settings Maico.


With my system (old i7 2600k @4,6 and good gpu rtx2070) i have around 40-45 fps with spit on Caucasus Map- 30 on normandy in a pretty heavy map! I suspect cpu is the bottleneck!

I can fiddle a lot with graphic options and fps are always the same… so i can crank up textures use high water, antialiasing 4x and msaa 2x and force 200 in steamVR
I got a 10fps imrpovement removing all kind of shadows (i think are cpu driven)
Also i have better result with motion reprojection off!


If you can, try the vr default in game settings. Then slowly turn things up.


Yeah went back and forth with them!
And even removed some shadows they were using!


The shadows are performance hogs. If you can live without them go for it.


I Am following the instructions given by EAF31_Jimmi. I cant seem to turn MR off. It seems like no matter how I change the file I get 45 fps. It was working before but not now. The reason I wanted to turn it off was because IL2 BOS has the horrible wobbly Gunsight reticle. I cant live with it. I tried to ignore it to no avail.

Here is what I have now, I believe this to be MR Disabled.

“driver_Holographic” : {
// Increase back buffer size so that larger superscale values do not get a resolution reduction
“renderTargetScale” : 2.0
“driver_Holographic_Experimental” : {
“motionReprojectionMode” : “auto”,
// Some people may experience increased discomfort such as nausea, motion sickness, dizziness,
// disorientation, headache, fatigue, or eye strain when using thumbstick controls in Windows Mixed Reality.
“thumbstickControlsEnabled” : false, // true = use thumbsticks for artificial turn/move, false = default application thumbstick behavior
“thumbstickControlsReversed” : false,
“thumbstickTurnSmooth” : false,
“thumbstickDeadzone” : 0.25
“NoInterEyeRotation” : {
“DOOMVFRx64.exe” : true

   And I have tried this,  This is MR Enabled

“driver_Holographic_Experimental” : {
“motionReprojectionMode” : “auto”,

     // motionReprojectionIndicatorEnabled is a new setting in the configuration file to help diagnose issues with the experimental automatic motion reprojection feature. When set to true, you will see an indicator in the headset that corresponds to the current motion reprojection mode:
   // green = off because application can render at full framerate
   // light blue = on because application is cpu bound
   // dark blue = on because application is gpu bound
   // red = off because application running at less than half framerate, reduce super sampling if enabled
   // Uncomment the next line to enable the motion reprojection indicator

// “motionReprojectionIndicatorEnabled” : true,

   // Some people may experience increased discomfort such as nausea, motion sickness, dizziness,
   // disorientation, headache, fatigue, or eye strain when using thumbstick controls in Windows Mixed Reality.
   "thumbstickControlsEnabled" : false,
   "thumbstickControlsReversed" : false,
   "thumbstickTurnSmooth" : false,
   "thumbstickDeadzone" : 0.25        


Please advise.

Thanks All.


No programmer but i think you need to comment the
“motionReprojectionMode” : “auto”,
With the //

// “motionReprojectionMode” : “auto”,

Pls correct me if i’m wrong!
But adding 2 // is worth a quick try!


Thank you for being johnny on the spot. You made me pay closer attention (as programmers do) and I found several errors. The // were missing in fact. I had also copied your syntax completely and not put in these lines at the top:
“driver_Holographic” : {
“renderTargetScale” : 2.0
So when I ran the program, it put in “renderTargetScale”:1.0. This may be the key factor.
Now I have a folder with 3 subfolders, On, Off and Vector. Inside I keep the changed docs. I can try them all and see what is best. With Off, I just got 50 fps in fpsVR. I have a lot of stuff turned on like Heat blur and shadows. So testing will continue.

Thank You @EAF_51Jimmi


Dropped the ingame settings to VR default, still getting 45 fps. Something keeps reverting back to MR. I thinks I need more time to try out all three presets. Not really impressed with my O+ at this time…


The presets generally get reset when SteamVR or WMR for SteamVR updates. Might be that…


Thanks @Freak but I spent all day working on this. No cigar.


I have pasted the syntax above to my settings a dozen times. I have tried all 3 settings and Still I get 45 fps in BoX and DCS. I even cut the Hz from 90 to 60 and still got half the frames(30). Slashes // or not don’t make a difference. Im so frustrated with this stupid device. I cant figure this out. 45 fps in 90 Hz no matter what I do. Its taken so much of the time I would otherwise spend flying. Sorry…


That sucks to hear, @Maico! I googled this:

VR only 45 fps or 90 fps

And then found:

So it may just be a SteamVR thing I guess?


My pc never exceeded 45 fps.
At a certain point i started thinking i was capped!

Yesterday tough i climbed to 30000ft in a p51 and… 60 to 80fps!
I think i’ll specialize in high altitude intercepts :joy:


Thanks Guys,
This was driving me nuts. Good to know its not just me. Guess, I will be where the air is rare lol.
Let me start reading.
Ok, I guess there is nothing I can do about it. Guess I can just try to keep it at 45fps. Uhmm this sure is weird.


So I turned off fpsVR and took the old '15 out for a mission I had built a long time ago but hardly ever flew. I hardly flew it because in VR it was awful with the Rift.
I start out on the tarmac on a Normandy airfield Le-something… The ammunition and fuel trucks are moving away as the mission starts then I follow a Russian jeep to the runway. On the way, there are moving vehicles and the CAP is beating up the runway. Its early and the fog is quite visible. As I take off I see lots of activity in the airfield, trucks and aircraft move about with lights on in the dawn.
Once aloft I circle the airfield and it is beautiful. Four Mustangs came escorted by an equal number of Sabers. The ai made short work of them and I only got a 37mm hit on a Mustang that saw him go down in a spectacle. The visuals were stunning.
Numbers be damned! This works and I had a wonderful mission.


So, Normandy Map is my new DCS home. But how do you get around? Are there no NDBs on this Map?