WMR & Windows Update 20H2 KB5001330 Fix

Thanks for the notification, I had no idea this update was failing/missing on my machine!

Lovely syntax! Yum!

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Did not know this was an issue.
Will check!
Thanks for the heads up, @fearlessfrog

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Not sure this is the right spot but…

Spent the evening in “DCS RAGE!”. I don’t want to talk about it…:frowning:

However, one of the issues was my VR headset tracking. Been getting worser and worser (yes, that’s a valid word in this case :slight_smile: ) and the last two days was – grrrr!

So, what the hay. Uninstalled WMR then RE-installed via Steam (WMR for Steam VR - I have no idea what the diff is between WMR and WMR For Steam VR as they look/act the exact same - other than just to make things more confusing for someone’s entertainment). But I digress…

Tracks like a shiny new headset now (fingers crossed). Even looked a teensy, weensy bit clearer and maybe even smoother? (Same settings in SteamVR) Maybe?

So, if WMR is giving you fits, or you suspect it may be one [of the many] weak links in the chain, give it a go I say. Took only about 10 minutes total.

I did have setup issues with the controllers (O+); it found them, then it didn’t. And would not. But I don’t use them. Somehow it all worked on the second go of running DCS.



I’ve had a weird issue my last half a dozen DCS MP flights in that when I die (oh…that happens VERY rarely…yeah…) and respawn back on the carrier, sometimes (not all the time) I get a really laggy performance. I don’t know if it is DCS reloading textures or digging my grave or whatever…but anyway…ALT-TABBING out and back in solves it. Weird. And I have had great luck with moving my taskbar to the right side of the screen…I haven’t had any reoccurrence of the Out of Focus problems I was having last month.

I’ve heard about that one. No MP issues for me but, well, TODAY IS THE DAY! Maybe. I get a real internet connection. I’m waiting patiently?

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Are you out there digging the trench for them? Man…I’d love to get Google fiber or similar out here where I live. I should feel lucky that we even have Spectrum since we are pretty far out in the woods.

I should have. Wife wasn’t happy with the job they did. I get a modem today. In fact, I need to install my 1G NIC now before they get here. Later…

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Scroll down, click the link that says Known Issue Rollback Group Policy. It gave me my DCS frames back. It’s a small .msi file, an installer of sorts. It unf$&%s KB5001330. They say that should happen automagically, but it don’t hurt to make sure it did.

Direct link to the rollback MSI here (I think, I didn’t need it as yet):


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Strange I replied to this topic and it didn’t save. Anyway I asked if anyone had any good or bad things to say about this update.

OK so STeam VR fails when starting DCS. FFS what is happening
Any ideas how to even look for crash files

Probably be the last WMR for SteamVR beta update from yesterday? You can roll that back to stable or turn off reprojection. Some people on the ED forums are reporting that it’s ok after a reboot as well. Info down from here…

I checked steam vr files, acquired one and still no joy, restarted steam and the vr is updating again so fingers crossed of course I installed the latest Nvidia driver today as well as the W10 update just to confuse the issue :crazy_face:

Update no joy every time DC’s starts to load after the initial splash screen I get steam vr has encountered a critical error.

In your Steam Library is the entry ‘Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR’ in the beta channel? They’ll be a [beta] label on the library entry if there is. Right mouse button Properties… go to the Beta tab and select ‘None’ to take it out. ‘SteamVR’ is a different app, that ‘WMR for SteamVR’ uses.

Wish I could buy you a beer :beers: that worked, taking wmr out of beta

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Just an addendum to the above. As you can see by my scatter gun approach to updates and settings I am not methodical, just to say though that either a reinstall of WMR for steam , Nvidia s latest drivers and the removal of the ASW option in steamVR the game looks and runs better. Even at 30fps in a particularly heavy point of the mission I was running with a B1 dropping a full load of Mk82s., 4 AH64Ds ,4 harriers, 4 hornets ,4 vipers Vs about 150 AAA with a mix of the S60 (the new one that fires into the sky) and zu emplacement s. Also firing at a fire at point in the sky. To recreate Baghdad air defence. Long way of saying DCS is running very well

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Anyone here using 21H1? What’s the consensus/TLDR for the common gamer/VR user? I usually wait a few months to let the dust settle on new Windows versions. 20H2 has been flawless for me so I’ve been in no rush to update.

Fine on my end.

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I came at it kinda sideways; was having issues in DCS with tracking (VR), crashing, stutttttttering, etc. In the end I took a blunt instrument to it all and ended up with 21H1 installed. Been fine since.

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