WOWS, It's Free

My pals invited me to World Of Warships, it’s free, and Skype for commo. Wow there are a lot of people playing this on-line game. The controls are simple WASD stuff and the graphics are nice – watching a battle with Volkswagon-sized shells arcing out 10+ miles is impressive. There are a lot of ships to choose from and it takes getting in there and fighting to get points to advance. You can spend $$$, too, which now that I think of it is prolly how some of the players got the bigger ships :smile: No submarines in the game, but you can fire torpedoes.

Players can form a team and join a battle, but the teams are limited to just three, I wish that was unlimited. The battles I’ve been in (since late last week) have max of ten players on each side. Maybe the battles get bigger as you gain ranking – I am in the Class I - III ships, so far. It’s cool, but the battles are pretty short-lived and if you get killed early your ship is locked to the battle until it completes. The user interface and the game engine are very good. I think an airplane game from the developer is coming.

Some of the in-game text chat is juvenile, but I did not see any bad language issues. Did I say it was free?

I’d like to see a larger squad do tactics. We tried to get two teams of three in the same player-v-player game but our two squads kept ending up opposite each other.

If you want to try something that is pretty simple and has nice ship and ocean graphics then give World Of Warships a go.


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Looks cool - thanks, will check it out.

A download link here:

A nice trailer here:

Isnt this from the same guys that did World of Tanks?? Also wasn’t there a world of planes or something too?

The market could be ripe for a World of World of Games sim :wink:

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@WreckingCrew, what’s your screen name in game? I’ll have to add you, since I’m also running the same tier ships.

I’ve had a few issues with abusive chat, and more than a few issues with other players on my team either ramming me or firing into me from not paying attention, but that’s when the “compliment/ report” buttons come in handy- I use them constantly.

Hi @Navynuke99,
I’m ‘SOS_Wrecking_Crew’ in WOWS. I’m going to change it when I can because the name is too long to see it during a battle.

I got in there last night by myself. I have five ships, and since I was not waiting for anyone, I jumped from one ship to the next w/o waiting for each battle to finish. I think each ship was getting its points even though I was into another mission or two by the time one finished. I played about ten missions, one after the other, and got a lot better. I liked hanging back with the battleships and engaging at 7-10 miles, and waiting for the attrition. The battles get close enough soon enough. I’m still not getting the aiming of torpedoes, what with the green and gray arcs, time to watch a You Tube.


That took me a long, long time to start getting the hang of- even now, it’s still a bit of a crap shoot a lot of the time. And then there’s teammates who completely ignore when you call away torpedoes away and turn around through a complete 180 directly into the path of your torpedoes when they have the ability to see where they are. And then scream and yell on team chat that you’re team killing and that everybody else should gang up on you for revenge. Not that I’ve had that happen two games in a row or anything.

Sorry, lost what I was going to say in the rant there. Green is the arc you can fire your torpedoes in. Gray is the mark that will get you a hit on the ship you have currently targeted, provided it doesn’t change course or speed.

My pals said the same – green and gray arcs, but the gray arc is at the mercy of my heading and I’m so far not able to control it. Get caught up in trying to gray arc the enemy and just get hammered by the other ships who show up.

One of my friends likes his little destroyer, and heads at the enemy cruisers dodging until he gets w/in 2-3 miles and swings broadside to let go his torpedoes. I saw him sink three in one battle.

If you’re using the Japanese DD’s, pay very close attention to your torpedo range vs. your detection range (concealability under the ship’s stats at the front game screen). Your torpedo range is longer than the range at which you can be detected, and if you fire from outside that range and then turn away, you’re pretty much making stealth attacks. Which is good, since your guns are pretty weak anyway.

For American DD’s, your torpedoes are much shorter range and much slower, but you have better guns. IN this situation, torpedoes are more of a weapon of opportunity- get good at dodging, and launch at flank speed when you’re at point blank range while shooting from the hip.

Haven’t worked my way up to the Soviet or German DD’s yet- their first-tier ships are beyond terrible, and I have yet to last longer than 4 minutes in either the Orlan or Hammerich.

I play this as well, love it. It’s at its best when you can get three guys on TS and work together.

I’m currently on the Pensacola class cruiser, Mutsuki destroyer, and Wyoming battleship, though I’ve messed around with the new T1 German cruiser as well.

Not sure how much I’ll be on during the week as I’m still unpacking after a move and busy with work but I’m sure I’ll be on this weekend. Feel free to add me, my screen name is just boomerang10.

Anybody here still playing this? With the new Team Battles release, I was thinking of forming a team and seeing if anybody wanted to go out and shoot some stuff some time. I have T2, T4,T5, and a single T6 ship if anybody’s at about the same level.

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Have not been in there for some weeks. I’ve played with up to three on a team – can you go above that number now at the lower (<7?) tiers of play? I have tiers 3-5. My friends are in the 8-10s and love it. We use open-mic Skype for coms. Team play is fun when members don’t head off on their own thing. How many teammates will Team Battle allow? One complaint is the waiting (especially like when I’m the first to sink).

According to what I’m seeing in game, up to 7 players for team battles, plus up to 3 more in reserve (not sure what that means). Just hopped in to check that, and currently it was only tier 5-6 that was in battles. Not sure if that was WG or just who was playing. And yeah, a good team who’s communicating is a lot of fun to play with. For those teams, even after I’m dead, I’ll stick around and spot/ provide another set of eyes as needed.

What do you normally drive? My current rides are:

Umikaze (when I want to go seal clubbing)
Minekaze (I can’t quit her)
Kamikaze R
ARP Kongo (JUST finished the Glowy Battleship missions!)
New York

I might have a bit of a ship collecting problem…

I still do. Sorta.

I’ve been pretty busy with work and being out of town so I haven’t had much chance to jump in game but I definitely do still play.

New York
Kolberg (Been trolling around the lower tiers a bit, it’s surprisingly fun when you know what you’re doing.)

*Main ships I use

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I’d be up for some team play. I’m on euro time, and currently on tier V cruiser and tier IV battleships.

edit: Oh yeah, my account name on WOWS is Krautwald too, feel free to add me!

Just saw this thread, will download and have a look.


EDIT: Euro time here too, GMT.

I carry four ships – one Soviet and three U.S. The destroyers are pretty fun and I like getting up close for torpedoes, now that I figured out how to aim them. You know those destroyers have pretty good stealth/concealment? But I see a lot of folks shoot their torps from beyond effective range.

I’ll get the latest update and check with my other pals about the changes. I’m ready to get back into this. Do we go with the Mudspike TS for comms?


You should give the Japanese DD’s a try. Even better concealment, faster torpedoes, and longer range. Granted, the guns are junk, but my best matches in the Minekaze have featured no shots fired from any of the guns. I was thinking about the Mudspike TS as well- not sure if I’ll be on tonight, but we can try and set something up on a regular basis if anybody wants to play.

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Got the lowdown on this Team Battles tonight from pal snertlov. This is available for Tiers 5 & 6 only. Up to seven players can be on a team. If the team is short of seven, then mercenary players fill the remaining slots. A team can stay together from one battle to the next. A staged battle between two teams is not very likely, as the game engine pairs the groups for a match.

Let’s try some battles together. Need to consider an open mic me thinks for this – fingers are pretty busy. My pals communicate in Skype.


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