WTS Odyssey Plus

Just putting the feelers out. My Odyssey Plus is sat here in it’s box doing nobody any good, so it is time for it to find a new home I think. Make me an offer by PM if interested.

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Could you ballpark an asking price?

Well, I paid $299 for it, so ball park, less than that. I’ll consider any reasonable offer from a trusted Mudspike member.

Sorry for the inane comment I just really really want to see @bogusheadbox offer £111 for it.



This is certainly tempting. I’d like to try one of these out to see how it compares to the visuals in my Rift and getting one at a sale price could be just the ticket as if I didn’t find it to be all that I’m sure it could be sold again.

I’ll bump this up. If it makes it easier, I would be happy if I could get $220 for it. That would include shipping in the Continental United States. For outside the US we would have to look at shipping separately.

Which works out to be something like 2 x £111, right?