So my son (and his cousin who we practically raise) want an X-Box for Christmas. I’m reluctant to go down that road, but I’m considering it. They are 7 and 9 though…so it’d only be stuff like Minecraft and Soccer and kid-friendly games. They seem content playing that stuff on their iPads.

That said, if I did get them one - I’d want to get them the FIFA X-Box since they are crazy about soccer, but I only see an X-Box “S” for that bundle (?). What is an “S” X-Box and do I need to buy a more current one or something? I know ZERO about X-Box products.

Pretty sure the S represents “slim”. I forget if that has spec boosts or not.

The XBone-X is the newest I think.

When I am not falling asleep I’ll give a better answer.

basically they released a xbox one S as a slightly upgraded, smaller version of the original Xbox One. Bundles go for about 270 here in Texas. The X is going to be overkill unless your kids want to play minecraft in 4k. Hell my kids play it on a xbox360. The S also has a 4k bluray player. Overall a pretty solid system.


Poor que no los switch?


Perhaps an older x-box/playstation that is refurbished? A playstation 2 is dirt cheap now here and so are the games. Although I can imagine that they want the latest and greatest?

Exactly what @Gunnyhighway said in terms of models.

Plus also, @near_blind has a good point there, the Nintendo Switch is pretty nice system for a kid, being a console/portable switcheroo. The new Zelda, the new Mario (fantastic), even Skyrim. FIFA 18 on the Switch is pretty good apparently.


So my 20-something-cool-uncle hot take:

Xbox is oriented towards your 18-40 age group. The majority of games i remember being marketed were shoot 'em ups, stab 'em ups or sports games, mostly oriented towards adults.

i don’t presume to know you or your son, but you strike me as a dad that cares what media his son is exposed to, and your son is, well, a boy. As he gets older he’s probably going to be drawn towards more violent games. If you already have an Xbox oriented towards that, you’re on the losing side of that fight. (This may or may not have been how I got M rated games as a pre-teen.)

If it has the games your son wants, my advice is go the Nintendo route. Nintendo errs towards family friendly entertainment by default, their games are general enough adults can enjoy them, and they’re pretty entertaining at a party. Also yes, the new Zelda and Marios are dope.

Just my $.02


Thanks for those thoughts - you hit on some key points - that this is for a little kid that isn’t going to be doing any “You suxor #lamer” type online anything or any types of shooting games for a good half a dozen more years. The suggestion of the Nintendo is starting to make sense to me. I’ll talk it over with the wife and see what she thinks…

Many thanks for the input from everyone!


So I’m watching some Switch reviews…and I like what see. Yes, it has some issues, but I’d be getting it for two kids who only have an original Wii as their frame of reference.

…but then I got to think from a philosophical parenting viewpoint. Do I really want the kids to be able to make their console portable? Do I want them having that constant lure and me having to have that battle with them (no, you can’t take it into the restaurant, no, you can’t take it camping with us, no, no, no…). We already have rules in place such as no tablets while eating, no tablets in restaurants, and no tablets when we go camping unless it is a cabin or something (even then, we try to bring board games instead of tablets). I can see the Switch perhaps making that fight even harder. Maybe it IS better to just have the console be the thing in the living room that we occasionally let them play.

Hmm…a dilemma for sure.



I mean, it can be portable, but if don’t want it to be then don’t undock it. If you are consistent with the rules then it should be ok, which seems to be about 90% of the battle of parenting. :slight_smile:


I thought the kids made the rules?

At least that what my son seems to think should be happening lol. And he’s not even 3!

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A big FWIW. Two of my nephews, 11 and 13, rave about their Switch. They are still in the Mario fan club it appears. One of my other nephews is 13 and has been playing Battlefield 1 since its release with his dad, my brother. This and lacrosse are their common ground, and they seem like two peas in a pod when engaged in either activity.

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I have no idea how it works but it looks like the X-box has parental controls, perhaps another thing to look into.

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OK - a couple more questions.

So my wife and I are in mild disagreement on what to buy. She says our son’s friends (who range from his age 7, to a little bit older 11) all have X-Box and if we buy him and his cousin the Switch, they won’t be able to play multi-player with their friends (soccer and stuff like that). My contention is - we might not WANT him playing with friends that are getting ready to go into 5th grade and that their language and the types of games they might get to play might bleed over into stuff we’d let my son play.

As well, I have a question on the depth of the library of titles for the X-Box - will an X-Box One S still play older X-Box titles? I mean, if there are enough older titles that are age appropriate (Sonic or Mario type games?)…then I’d be OK with the X-Box.

Microsoft is running a special right now for an X-Box S 500 + 1 free game (starter bundle) like the Minecraft one, with a wireless controller for $229…

I’ll let others who might have the newer x-box models speak to compatibility. I can’t recall.

As for which system to go with… I’m not going to tell you how to parent, he’s your kid. Just consider that you get to control how often he plays, and can take it away if he’s being mouthy / inappropriate / whatever. He’s going to learn that language from his friends whether it’s from xbox or just being outside. The types of games they play … sure, but again, you can control that. The question there is: Would you rather he not be able to play a few games with his friends because you don’t think he should play them at all, or not be able to play any games with his friends because he’s on the wrong system (assuming this is a major sticking point).

I’m a bit more liberal with this stuff, admittedly, and again, not my kid so not my place.

Quick search for backwards compat: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/135875-how-xbox-one-backward-compatibility-works-the-xbox-360-and-xbox-games-list-and-more

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I’m with you Chris. 107.37% with you.

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I’d be more concerned about the internet at Large, but a quick Google search showed the Xbox some has seemingly hefty parental controls. Caveat emptor, but I think you should be able insulate them from the toxic hordes of misguided 14 year olds on Live.

You can exercise greater leverage over friends you know about.


Parental controls and you can also disable internet connections in your router, often timed!

Do note that all of these measures will motivate him to move into a IT career eventually thoughh… Caveat Emptor even more on that :wink:

Xbox has significantly more Parental Controls over games, movies and online ability.

A lot of Xbox 360 Games work on Xbox One S, There’s a List:

Xbox Live Gold Subscribers get Free Games Every Month, sometimes they are legit AAA Titles sometimes lesser known, the 360 Games for Gold can be used on Xbox One:

Xbox also Has the Arcade Games, Which SEGA has a License w/ Microsoft, so thing’s Like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Crazy Taxi etc are in the Market place:

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Man…I’ve never struggled with a purchase so much. :upside_down_face: Usually I’m a pretty impulsive shopper and make decisions quickly…but on this one, I’m going back and forth. I keep watching Switch reviews online and they seem pretty good, but the affordability of the 360 S is pretty attractive (since I have to buy two of them). But the whole “take it with you” aspect of the Switch is pretty compelling as well (still on the fence about whether that is a GOOD thing or not…LOL…)

I guess I need to make a decision soon though.