X-Plane 11 is coming in November..!

X-Plane developer talks a bit about it here…

I’ve been a FS/P3D snob since forever, though I had XP9 ages ago, but I will definitely be watching this one. I’m loving all the changes they’re doing.

Part II of the XP11 presentation…

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Some really nice autogen, FMC and effects updates. Hearing them talk it seems very unlikely they’ll be tweaking much graphics engine wise though. I think that will be for XP12 down the road, as it must be pretty hard to take an existing (big) rendering engine and just rewire it for Vulkan etc.

I’ll certainly be buying this day 1.

Yeah, I’ve been really underwhelmed flying the current stock C172SP in AH. Thankful to have the 430, but I’ve yet to get the autopilot to work, and the panel is really low res. The sounds are pretty bad as well. I’ve heard folks say that they are personal preference, but I’ve got about half my time in 172s, and a Lycoming IO-360 does not sound like a chainsaw.

So, those new panel images are very welcome.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to “upgrade” without bankrupting the company. To be sure, with the nickle and diming and ferry flights, I’ll probably start a parallel career at something like medium settings so that I can fly some more capable equipment while touring the PNW. Having said that, there is something romantic about making due as a minimalist while building the company.

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Yes…that was my thought to - something compelling about not being handed a bunch of money (well, 100K and a C-172 is still a pretty good chunk of change!) and working the way up. While I am craving a more advanced airplane, I’m going to pay my dues in the C-172RG. The fact that I already have earned about $20,000 with it is fairly reassuring…

Now for my AH2 campaign - it is interesting because the hardest setting in that one is C-172 + $100,000 but only 20% reputation (!). So it is a bit harder. I went a bit in debt right off the bat with company I set up for that because I’m flying a Cessna 185F. So when I sold the 172 and spent (gulp) 255K for the new airplane. I tried to lease it, but you have to have a certain amount of reputation to lease…so (oddly enough) they let me just buy it and go severely into the hole! (-$63,691 to be exact). My base rental is 14,809 a month. So I’ve got my work cut out in AH2. Will post up some info about it once I get the preview article written.

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Thanks for mentioning that, I went to check how much my monthly base rental was at KPAE and it’s $28,400, that’s a lot of live chicken runs! I guess being at the Boeing Everett plant base has it’s benefits when it comes to approach procedures but also it’s price tag.

I think I’m going to be checking out KBVS tomorrow, it’s got to be cheaper (plus it’s one of my favorite Orbx airports).

Indeed - that is one of the more fun aspects of Air Hauler - picking out the starting base and checking out the locations in the sim prior to purchase. It’s almost (well, I guess it is!) like shopping for real estate. I would love to have an ORBX base as my home in FSX, but it sure does seem like most of the ORBX modeled airports tend to be VFR only types that don’t have approaches. Or, they are the primary airports for medium sized cities, so the lease payments and opening costs are through the roof.

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Haha yeah it’s definitely a fun part, I wish I had bought AH years ago, after owning AH2 just a couple of weeks, it has really enhanced my P3D, now I’m flying at all times of day in all types of weather to all kinds of airfields, so I’m finally having to learn ILS procedures, ADF, VORs etc.

All these years of owning FS9/FSX/FSX-SE/P3D/XP10 and I’ve managed to always avoid learning that stuff since I just flew in carefully controlled VFR conditions, finally I have incentive to learn it :thumbsup:

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Some X-Plane 11 shots from Aerosoft:


from the link:



Nice pair.

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Wow! Is there VR support?

Wow nice screenshots! I like the Flight School too!

I feel like buying a new computer now, give the x-plane 10 licence to my dad and see if he enjoys virtual flying again(he’s trucking most days lately) :slight_smile:

Man this looks good. Might be my comeback to civil flight sims since FS9 :wink:


Thats also my plan with hauling, to relearn all the basic nav stuff. My memory is really bad… I will have soon lot of questions :slight_smile:

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I read somewhere(cant for the life of me find it now) that one of the requirements for payware planes in x plane or at least the .org store is the ability to work with current and the next release. Which I think means once 11 is released a quick patch, maybe, from the makers and all should be good. I think Austin and his team take great care to make sure current planes work in 11 and 10 also. It would be a shame if the Flight Factor 767 didn’t work in 11.

Also some freeware planes that were released for 9 worked in 10 as long as you opened it in plane editor and then saved it,

An requirement news?

Im very interested in 11 but will probably hold off until I see some of the planes I own work in 11,

I was thinking about new plane for FSX but with this offer I got an idea. I can maybe switch to XP! Every one here have it already anyway :slight_smile:

The idea: Is here spmeone who wants XP11 on release day and at discounted price?
I could maybe buy XP10 now with extra XP11 key and pass this extra key to someone for some nice price. I like polished products, with not so many updates per month, so I will be happy with XP10 for now :wink:

Pls let me know if somebody will be interested. I definitely could not afford the full price. Yes I can wait for steam sale, but this way two people can get happy :slight_smile:

And it is even possible to pass the XP11 to someone? Is it not somehow tied to some account?

I might try that one…

Needed planes (not too expensive hopefully, but clickable cockpits is a must):

  • Citation X
  • Small jet like a Citation Mustang
  • Some single engine prop like a C-172 or a V-tail Bonanza
  • Some twin engine prop like a Baron, King Air or so.

What amount of money will I have to spend to have that AND make it somewhat nice looking worldwide or at least in Europe?