X-Plane 11 is coming in November..!

Scenery in x-plane can often be done for free. There’s free HD mesh to improve terrain fidelity, and you can often find orthophoto as well (or make your own). Other packages for airports and the like are plentiful on the org site.

As for the planes…

That has a list of what was included with x-plane 10. Many have been updated so they look pretty darn good (Baron 58 for example). So you’ll have a C172, B58, King Air C90… Cirrus the Jet.

If you’re looking to buy those, the carenado models go for like $30 or so each, though they do occasionally go on sale. Bigger planes tend to equal bigger cost, as well, varying from around $50 to $85 USD most of the time.

There’s a Citation X but it was made for x-plane 9 - no idea how great that is in 10, let alone 11. I haven’t watched any of the 11 release videos (which is terrible of me really), so I have no idea if they list a new default aircraft listing or not. Beach might know.



And since I noticed the ASK-21 glider there: Does X-plane have proper thermals modeling below cumulus clouds and the like? What about winch starts? So in essence: Is it possible to fly a glider semi-realistic in X-Plane? FSX sucked in that regard. Addons made it halfway decent but still quite bad.

Haven’t tried gliding yet, I really should. Might be fantastic.

X-plane 10 has a few cool addons that allow you to easily improve the scenery yourself, plenty of people have made neat addon scenery or spiced up the default(gateway scenery server, quite nice).

Aircraft wise, plenty of payware for what you want, lot’s of Citation X like aircraft in the store and they go on sale quite regularly .

So far I’ve been enjoying it a lot as a replacement for FSX.

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I have no idea if glider simulation is good or not, though I’ve read about people doing it, so I suppose it can’t be terrible.

There is a situation setup for winch starts I believe - again never used it myself.

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I read about it a bit. Consensus seems to be:

  • It is not exactly realistic
  • It is MUCH better than FSX
  • It is better than (some other flight sim I forgot, I think AeroFlyFS)
  • It is worse than Condor, but Condor is a dedicated glider sim and has MUCH worse graphics.

So I don’t know about modifications, perhaps you can make it even better with addons, but it seems you can have fun gliding in X-Plane 10, perhaps even better in 11

Maaan I watched those videos now and I am really…

about it.

I am really really

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I’ve opted to stick with 10 until I have a new computer, makes it much easier :wink:

Besides, some of the best addons have stated that they will update to 11, but that it might take some time so there’s no rush.

X-Plane 11 System Requirements have been posted… HERE

Well crap. Time for a new video card.

woops… Time for a new computer!

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Interesting that they recommend a 1070 or better but require anything with a 512 mb.

Really hope Black friday cyber monday have some good PC stuff on sale. Right now Im looking at a $1600 build hoping to get it below $1500 over the holidays.

Horray for this:


Ok, they updated the ‘buy one, get one free’ description, it is single key for both XP10 now, XP11 on release date (or I misread it before)

I need to wait for the steam sale I am affraid


That 737 looks gorgeous, I wonder what the systems fidelity is like!

Damn it @BeachAV8R. I was hoping I wouldnt have to spend all of my money this month. Between that video and the one for the Md-80 I dont think I have much of a choice.

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ITS ON! XP-10 is on sale for 25 euro’s .


Huh, that was quick! :relaxed:

Waaiiiit, correct me If I am wrong: If I buy that XP-10 on Steam now for 25 bucks I will NOT get XP-11 as well, right?

EDIT: And just to make sure we are one the same page here: In those videos @BeachAV8R is posting all the time: Are those stock assets? Planes, scenery and so on?

I don’t think that the Steam sale counts toward the key for XP11, but don’t quote me on that.

No - most of my X-Plane videos contain either free or payware add-ons and scenery. Almost all of my terrain mesh is freeware (or dontationware as it were) from AlpilotX: HERE

There are literally hundreds of free aircraft you can also use from the X-Plane.org - some are really good, some are OK, and many are horrible. Some are payware quality that were released as freeware. And the stock aircraft are actually not too bad - I like the Stinson, the Columbia 400, and the P180 Avanti the best probably. According to what I’ve seen and heard, X-Plane 11 (to be released any day) will have significantly better aircraft. Not sure about the scenery for XP11…but I also read that the AlpilotX mesh should work fine with XP11 too.