X-Plane 11 - News and Releases Thread 2021

For some reason I thought we already had a thread like this for XP, similar to what we have for MSFS, but I guess not!

This is intended to be a one-stop thread to drop news and updates on various XP11 sceneries, aircraft, etc.


I was excited to post about a released aircraft, right up until I saw it’s for P3d.


How about this one?
X-Plane Releases Thread (2020) - Flight Sims - Mudspike Forums

But sure we can us this one for 2021

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Doh! I missed that one even after doing a search. 2021 it is!


There was a recent release of a very nice Beaver (I just like saying “nice Beaver”). It is the follow on to Thranda’s awesome PC-6. Can’t do much better than reading this review…this guy hits all the great points about it…

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Getting close!


Here ya’ go @Troll…!


Fjords… How…exotic… :roll_eyes:


:rofl: It will feel like work!


You will feel like home!

Like a HomeWork! …silently rolling away :upside_down_face:


Ooh, I have to get this, I’ve been hiking out that way lots!

Must…not…get…sidetracked…from…Xmas trek…

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So which Mil Helo is good for it?

The X-Trident Bell 412 is very good. I’ll put a caveat that I haven’t flown it in quite some time though…so I’m not sure how well it has kept up with X-Plane beta progress…so I’d poke around in their forum and make sure there are no issues with it.


I second that, its very good module. Regarding updates she was updated to 11.50 so she is ready to roll.

Anyway there are not many mil helos available for XP which are being still updated. Short list as follows :

  • BFDG UH60
  • JRXDesign SA341
  • Nimbus UH1
    and maybe AIRWOLF Bell222 from CowanSim :wink:

if I am missing something pls correct me.

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but if you want to try it with something really afordable then there is this new release, not mil but at least modern helo


Really fun to fly and offers much to tinker with.

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VULKAN compatibility… wow that looks good!

yeah, i really would like to know the performance of with vs without, because in some reviews of older xenviro its pretty but its a performance killer also…

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long story short…

I wanted to buy something in the org sale so I bought something which wasnt discounted :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: xEnviro.

Really wanted to have those nice puffy clouds. Unfortunately there was FSE installed already on my XP install (xEnviro isnt compatible with few weather utilities; check the Requirements page at org store)… So I installed second fresh copy of XP, installed xEnviro and begun to test.

First I need to mention that xEnviro has two main sliders which controls rendering of clouds = visual quality :

  • static clouds rendering
  • dynamic clouds rendering

Both sliders has following steps - Low / Medium / High / Ultra.

Obviously both sliders on Low produce good performing clouds nowhere near the visual quality one would expect.
Both sliders on Ultra produces great looking clouds, everyone can see on the pictures on the web, but can bring your system literally to its knees!

I run XP in 4K and the only acceptable settings were Static rendering on High and Dynamic rendering on Medium. That produced cca 35FPS… BUT, it was on fresh install of XP, default airplane, no updated OSM data, no Ortho, with XP Objects slider at High (or Medium, could not remember now).

Low for Static and Dynamic rendering produced 50-55FPS. Ultra for Static and Dynamic rendering produced 20FPS! Or maybe even lower, 20FPS was all Avitab displayed.

I was depressed! I really wanted those clouds in XP but not for that FPS cost. On Hight settings they looks really good, they dont randomly disappear, they are there even at 16x ground speed acceleration and one can fly around them and they provide great sense of movement! Perfect!

But not perfect on my current system. So I tried to contact org store and kindly asked for refund.
Was lucky and Eliot from org store was very kind and accepted my request even though based on T&C they dont do full refunds. Thanks Eliot!

Closing thoughts - if you have really powerful system go get them, they are (almost) perfect; if you have mid-range system like I have (i7 9700, 2070S, 32GB) think twice…

I ended up buying Ultra Weather XP instead…