X-Plane 11 Screens (2021)

Just had a blast with the FlyJSim Boeing 727 - doing the old school VOR RWY 14 into Cochabamba, Bolivia. A nice green needle approach with some step downs and a short 7DME arc to the inbound VOR final approach segment.


I love the FJS 737 and 727 in XP10! I gotta say, X-plane still looks good no even with msfs2020 as comparison.


The scenery is ho-hum but the plane looks aces. The xplane graphics engine gets the interaction of light and metal just right.


Testing the single-engine climb gradients on the departures out of Cochabamba…it is quite a close thing with turbojets…and the DC-3…forget about it…!


Wanted to check it out but was greeted with ‘Do you want to continue with water only?’ :slight_smile:

…downloading scenery…

I had to build the scenery tiles with Ortho4XP…they came out really nicely. The overlays (buildings/streets) were…meh…not great, but adequate for the purpose. And this custom airport is OK…again, not fantastic…but good enough…



I recognize that logo.

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Did you ever get a chance for a ride on them yet @BeachAV8R (obviously not in the back, hopefully)? :slight_smile:

No, not yet… And unfortunately I’ll never get a chance to ride those 230s since they were replaced by EC135s a long while back - I’m stupid for having missed that opportunity. I should definitely take a ride-along in the ECs though. I’ve never (ever) been in a helicopter.

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I am actually a bit surprised, I thought you just meant just those ones. What about vacations, Grand Canyon etc? - I feel like we should set up ‘Push for Power Trip’ now!

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Nope. Never. Weird huh? And that despite a life long fascination with them.

It’s great to still have extra fun things to do in the future, is the way I look at it. We need @smokinhole to go rogue on a heli lesson and do an extraction one day! :helicopter:



I’ve got a night x/c lesson tonight. We are doing it to Blairstown and Sky Manor. I haven’t let my instructor in on the plan yet but I am hoping to talk him into letting me park next to my hangar for a photo with the Pitts. (It’s the small things in life you know…)

EDIT: My instructor wisely didn’t fully trust me when I tried to convince him that the total black, unlighted hole I was taxiing to was actually a sufficiently sized ramp next to my hangar. So we took off from runways and landed on runways, demonstrating all the ways in which a helicopter makes for a terrible airplane! Also, single engine on a night with no moon is nuts! Also also, it was still a blast.


Have you not even visited the pad? The helicopter/fixed-wing chasm must be breached! (Or is it Beached?)


Oh I’ve been on plenty of pads…LOL…the roof of Children’s Hospital in Philly, of course the roof of CMC Main (now called Atrium Main) in Charlotte. Just never actually hopped in a helicopter. The head of the aviation department is actually an ex Marine-One pilot…so no reason not to hop onboard. They day I do - I’ll be sure to video!


Doing some bush flight for my onair VA around british columbia and Alaska.

Approach on Stave Lake with 30 people on board a DC-3 and clouds at 200ft :yum::

Who know what they will doing here… :thinking:

HU-16 in Anheim :

Twin Otter in approach at CAK4 :

Turbo Otter


Stave Lake is a nice one!

Yes but the next time i will take some lumberjacks with me to cut this big tree right in the final axis :yum:!

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