X-Plane 11 Screens (2021)

How’s the Albatross these days in game?

I was there yesterday, at least by the water! There’s a lot of logs on it and they tend to float really heavy in the water, I don’t know if I would land on it. Stave Lake is artificial and has a really nice old hydro-electric museum. Pre covid we used to go in there just for the steampunk vibe. Don’t like being beneath enormous dams though, gives me the shivers.


Right there with you on that sentiment.

Just saw that the Hydro plant was over 100 years old. It must have been loud as Hades when all those turbines were running.



I have discover this module recently but i think pretty well. Texture seem not so old, the cockpit is very nice and the AI copilot is perfect for helping the pilot. And finally it’s a good flying boat ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there a real airstrip overthere ?

Fairly sure not. Because of all the hydro electric in the area the lake has a few large transmission lines over it, so float planes tend to stay away and I don’t think there is a strip (EDIT: see below, there is - sorry!). There is a nice airfield along the river nearby at Fort Langley CBQ2. Pitt River and lake gets a lot of float planes, as the nearby CYPK has a training base, plus an acrobatic area over it. We use the float planes to get up and down the coast or to Vancouver Island and back, so they are always looking for new pilots. I have a friend that commutes on this guy four days a week:

EDIT: Oh, this is a logging one up there, I was wrong. Never been up that way hiking.

The video has a bonus viewing of a bear at the strip. We have a lot of bears. :bear:


I would figure “bear on the strip” would be a mandatory go around…and a return home to reconsider my cross country flight plan destinations… :rofl:

:thinking: Is that in MSFS?

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I’ll have a check in MSFS as I think I know where it is. There was a fatal crash there recently as well - Pilot killed in B.C. crash remembered as 'fantastic example for aspiring female aviators' | CBC News

Yeah, the ‘I’ll teach the bear a life lesson’ approach was sort of crazy, just because they dart around unexpectedly.

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Looks like it is a N/S runway there at the top of the lake…


Yep, MSFS has a building for the old logging lodge. Looks doable.


I thought you only flew the Airbus. I’m sure it will fit. Tim Hortons cup in the cup holder. YOLO!

  • If they included the bear I’ll be really, really impressed…
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Ah…mine Stave Lake (XP11) is full of trees…at first I thought it would be available but as I got closer I saw the trees cover it…


Oh nice, thanks for these info. The job of your friend will be a dream job for me :blush: !

I use UH and UHD mesh maybe that’s why i haven’t tree on the runway :thinking:

But you have a orth4xp tiles ? Your water are beautiful !

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Yeah…I built some Ortho4XP tiles of much of the Canada/PNW area where I do my Air Hauler flying. I used the default X-Plane overlays I think…so you are probably right - that UHD mesh probably had better overlay data…

I have still not work with ortho4xp but i need to begin soon :yum:. I think the tile and the UHD mesh will be great !

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I guess its custom scenery what you have there

Yes i also have it

Oh this is going to be fun…


I think I could fit half of my Air Hauler fleet IN that plane… :rofl:

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