X-Plane 11 Screens


That shot is just stunning!



That’s a scenery by Nimbus Designs called Lufker-Spadaro (1N2) that is really cool for little GA airplanes. Looks like it is currently on sale for $11.17…

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That is gorgeous, anywhere fun to fly from there that is freeware by any chance? :wink:



I know you said freeware…but there is a nice payware Block Island that is in that region that would be a typical $100 hamburger place. I don’t own Block Island (and it isn’t on sale)…but when I see it for 50% off, I’ll probably grab it.

Here is a free Nantucket Island scenery that looks pretty nice: HERE

I’m sure there are a ton of modeled airports in that NY/NJ/Boston vicinity…

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Hmm, now I feel like getting both of those pieces of scenery… Why do you torment me like this?! :wink:



I finally buckled down and followed the awesome X-Plane Ortho4XP Guide and got amazing results with X-Plane 11, thanks @fearlessfrog !

Since I moved from Seattle to near Philadelphia a few months ago, I thought I was going to have a hard time finding decent scenery to sim fly in after being spoiled by owning tons of ORBX PNW scenery, but thanks to Ortho4XP Bing and that guide I now have some amazing scenery in my new region!



So I got the block island KBID and 1N2 now, I am holding you personally responsible for any enjoyment I will obtain from this :wink:

EDIT: First flight at 1N2



Beautiful shots…! Watch out for those powerlines near the road… LOL

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Haha yea, I feel like even the Twin Otter is just a notch too big for this “airport” :wink: The wheel base at the concrete runway is about as wide as the runway itself!



Doing some performance testing. The 7X is quite a beast when you want to make it stop quick!



Plain white Twin Otters are cool.



Tooling around with the Wilson L-1011 into a newly released freeware scenery - Gwadar Airport, Pakistan (OPGD). Kind of a neat scenery (pretty simple) with a unique look to it…

I’ll start with the caveat - don’t buy the L-1011 unless you understand it is a fairly old (though recently updated) model with lite systems and graphics…! I don’t want my screens to be responsible for your disappointment if you are expecting too much… :wink:

Gwadar is a smaller airport than I thought it would be…so the L-1011 with a bit over 60 minutes of fuel left takes almost all of the runway to stop (even using max autobraking and thrust reverse)…

Just barely got stopped…

Some maneuvering in the turning bay…

As well, the ramp is barely big enough to turn around the L-1011…

Wonder if they have fuel here?



Well. For the 5th time I’ve tried to do this very same flight. But I forgot to change the CIVA from align to nav…

This flight is never happening I fear!



One of my friends on the DCS VS picked up XP11 the other day, and immediately got the Flight Factor 757-200. I’d never heard of it. Even though it looked interesting, I usually pass on modern, FMS equipped airliners for PC simulators. However, two things coerced me to take the plunge…

  1. My VS mate’s glowing reports, and…

  2. Upon some investigation, I found SmartCopilot, and a config file for this very aircraft.

With that, it was instant buy. We certainly had a laugh with the shared cockpit experience! :rofl:

It is a great add on, with several humorous Easter eggs, too.



Here’s a nice one for us bush types…Old Stave Lake Airstrip by LPNils… 24nm northeast of Pitt Meadows (just outside of Vancouver)… So I decided to take the old Cessna 185 up there and give it a whirl… Sorry about the haze…was using real weather…



nice little strip. Will have to grab that.



Hoorah for XP-10 too!

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I’m trying to rekindle my interest in civilian flight simming with X-Plane 11 after a 13 year hiatus due to time constraints. Things are looking good though and all the pieces that make me feel warm and fuzzy are starting to fall into place! …

Real world pilots and VR guys would probably call the above “information overload” though LOL!

I’m quite impressed with X-Plane 11 and it feels good to shed the whole “Microsoft Legacy” although I know a lot of really cool stuff is still coming out for that “franchise”. I’m not interested in scenery or cloud addons any more though … too time consuming … I just want to focus on procedures and avionics.

I’m hoping X-Plane 11 will be a good gateway drug to combat flight simming because I also REALLY enjoy shooting at stuff. :grinning:



No way man…I love me some map displays and charts. It’s why aviation and marine navigation were always areas of interest for me…



…and in some cases you can combine the two.