X-Plane 11 Screens

Ooh nice- I’ve looked at that one myself. Now to see if anybody has done a Scrooge McDuck/ Launchpad paint job for it…


@komemiute nudge nudge ?

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LOL! Yeah, ok.
If you can give me the template I’ll do that tonight- I’ll be already working on some other textures so… :wink:

It’s odd though… a duck flying a goose! :smiley:


Speaking of which, does anyone own the Khamsin HU-16?

It looks pretty nice but it was made for X-Plane 10. I’m on the fence, I wonder if it works properly in 11.
Supposedly Khamsin are updating it for XP11, anyone has any experience with them? Can it be expected to be a free update?

I still have that sandblaster for a few days…


Pretty good in VR!

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This is an interesting aircraft… the VSkyLabs ContraVentus Electric powered glider. You basically climb it up with power on, and then set an effecient glide speed with the throttle back and charge the battery up by a combination of windmilling the prop to drive the motor/generator and solar panels on top of the wings. It doesn’t have ailerons, just elevator and rudder. I found out that it doesn’t handle windy conditions too well :fearful: .

Here we are departing from Cardiff, for a flight down to Exeter. It really doesn’t need a lot of runway for takeoff.

That 747 doesn’t look so big from here…

Climbing out over the Bristol Channel.

I guess I’m committed now!

Phew! Feet dry over the North Somerset coast. You can see the rolling hills of Exmoor off the right wing.

I can already see Exeter Airport. Where the river Exe widens into an estuary, is a town called Exmouth, where my Grandfather lived. I really love flying around the UK using the OrbX True Earth scenery, spotting familiar places.

Using the speedbrakes to help increase my descent rate, I set up for the landing. This is all happening at a very sedate pace.

Made it!

As I said, it is quite an interesting aircraft to fly. It really struggles with anything more than light wind conditions. For $12 it is a nice little distraction to have in your hangar.


You’re gonna laugh…but I actually considered that plane for the Christmas Flight. I would have had to leave in June though I think…and gone the downwind way around the world…

LOL… the world is a big place when you are only doing 30 knots. Plus, because the way the aircraft works requiring constant climbs and descents, you would really have to be hands on the whole way.

I see on the VSkyLabs website that a Solar Impulse 2 is in development. I might have to get that and try to recreate the round the world voyage the real aircraft did not too long ago.

My very last X-Plane purchase of 2018 (it has been an expensive year)…
The X-Rotors Leonardo AW319. I posted a few shots on the X-Plane releases thread, but here are a few more of this beautiful helicopter.


What I’d like to know is how on earth do you guys with so many aircraft in X-Plane know how to fly them all? Is it a case of learn one and the rest are close enough?

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In the real world, the most types I was current on at any particular time was two. Some pilots do more and seem to get on just fine. For me though, I prefer to just fly a single type. That’s real world flying where the stakes are a little higher.

In X-Plane and DCS, as far as I’m concerned, the more types the merrier. I like to fly aircraft that I am unlikely to get my hands on IRL, doing types of flying that my career path didn’t lead me to (ie military flying, freight, bush flying, rotary, etc etc). Of course, that makes me a jack of all trades, and master of none in the sim world. I wouldn’t say I’m proficient in any of the DCS Modules right now.


I don’t think I’d do it if it’s Khamsin, they never updated the P-51D for XP11 as far as I know and it either didn’t load at all or had some major issues.

Man that looks nice, how is the sound?

It sounds pretty good to me!

I feel like the Q400 for xp11 is going to come out as they’re ready to go to xp12. But I waaaaant it.


A little Medevac/SAR around Stewart BC in the AW139…

Not a pleasant day in Stewart. An ambulance has gone missing, and we have to find them.

Into the murk we go…

This is going to be a challenge in this weather. We don’t know the location of the ambulance, but we do know the distance. I am not using the GPS to find our hapless ambulance, but the plugin tells me how far away I am from it. That lets me work out a rough direction to fly.

I’m getting closer up in the snow covered mountains.

Eventually I get close enough to see some flashing lights. What was that Ambulance Driver thinking when he or she drove up here?

After everyone was loaded up, we head back to Stewart Hospital.

I drop back down into the valleys where the weather is still lousy…

And soon we are back at Stewart on final approach to the hospital helipad. Mission accomplished!

This was using the excellent Medevac plugin by counter25. Hopefully he will build on it over the coming months.


You really should set an alarm for 2AM and get up and fly that mission then. :rofl:


One advantage of the sim is that 2am becomes purely optional :wink: .

Now that my Christmas trek is complete, time to look at Air Hauler again. I scrapped my company in BC, and started a new one in the UK (the OrbX True Earth scenery demands that I spend some time taking it all in).

Back in the C172, here we are somewhere between Perenporth and Dunkeswell. Dunkeswell is the closest airport to where I used to live in my teenage years.

Shut down at Dunkeswell just before dark.

Oh, and I found a freeware Eurofighter Typhoon to flesh out my X-Plane RAF hangar… not bad for freeware.