X-Plane 11 Screens



All I can tell you at this point is that it looks great. I have flown it just a little bit and it seemed fine at first glance. I have to leave early tomorrow for work, so I won’t be able to really play around with it much this coming week. For the sale price I would say it is well worth it (at first glance). As a rule of thumb with Carenado aircraft, they look great and fly convincingly, but don’t expect too much depth when it comes to systems modeling. If you are ok with that (I certainly am) then the Carenado aircraft provide a great experience.


Yeah…some of the older Carenado aircraft seem to work fine in XP11. You might see a quirk here or there with engine oil temperatures and EGTs and stuff…but they remain flyable.


The Carenado (or is it Alabeo) Pitts S2S flies very little like a Pitts. Not their fault really as I am sure it isn’t an easy plane to get right. But knowing it as well as I do means I will not trust that developer without verification. Meaning, I need someone I trust who has flown the real thing to say, “in this instance they did ok.”


hello yellow helo


A quick flight over the UK’s Lake District to check out the new OrbX True Earth GB Central scenery…

Simply stunning!


My last hurrah with the Carenado sale…


This is probably not ultra detailed…but you and @fearlessfrog might enjoy it for bombing your home towns…!


That looks sweet!


Nice find Chris! Thanks!!


Was playing around with fresh instal of 11.26. I didnt download any default scenery for it as I am using ortho for the parts where I fly.

Anyway I decided to land on a field located outside of my ortho coverage and there I spoted something in the distance. One beter looking moving pad :slight_smile:


She’s beautiful!


Sure is…! How’s it fly?


I have to fly her a little more, but my initial thoughts are that she has a lot of power and I’m not feeling much roll inertia for an aircraft that big. She looks magnificent though, both inside and out.


While looking for some vintage aircraft I came across Dden’s Grumman Goose. It’s a bit of a handful on the ground roll, but definitely a nice addition to my hangar.


I’ve been eyeing that one for the Air Race! What is the sim detail level like?


It seems ok. I’m sure it isn’t study level, but there is enough there to chew on I think. There are several versions of the aircraft included with the package. The classic, with very basic instrumentation, then an updated version with retractable floats and better avionics. Finally, there is also a turboprop version.


Aaw! Cutters Goose!
I watched ”Tales of the Gold Monkey” when I was a kid. Actually got it on DVD a couple of years back… Haven’t watched it again. Afraid it will shatter my illusion that it was a great show. :slight_smile:

How is Ddens Goose in VR?


Ooh nice- I’ve looked at that one myself. Now to see if anybody has done a Scrooge McDuck/ Launchpad paint job for it…


@komemiute nudge nudge ?


LOL! Yeah, ok.
If you can give me the template I’ll do that tonight- I’ll be already working on some other textures so… :wink:

It’s odd though… a duck flying a goose! :smiley: