X-Plane 11 Screens


X-crafts E-175. Nice plane, but when you’re used to flying GA and the Q400, it’s a handful. Especially the custom FMC they have. Haven’t figured that out.

I think part of it is that these planes aren’t quite fully XP11 ready yet. They work really well, but they aren’t all there.

edit: I’m going to be doing some Susi Air stuff tonight in the c208. Hopefully get some really nice shots from there. I think Imma setup Air Hauler for XP11 if I can get it to work and make my company work there.


Yeah…I spent some time with it…and as a UNS-1D (Universal FMS) operator in real life, and someone who has been playing sims with Airbus and Boeing FMCs…that Embraer type is a mystery!


I’m not particularly familiar with any of those FMCs. The q400 just used the old X-plane default, so I got used to using that and being proficient at planning SID/STAR wpt by wpt. haha. Whatever I did last night completely broke the FMC though, but I think there’s a bug right now from what I’ve read in the support forum for the 175. Anyway, that’s just a learning curve thing, like anything else.

I’m frustrated enough from getting that to fly that I need a break for a night or two (took 6 tries to get the plane to take off without breaking anything, and even then the pushback thing was still broken).


As promised, some Susi Air flying tonight. For some reason couldn’t get the C208 up over 135KIAS, and as usual, Carenado’s documentation is sorely lacking. Found some other stuff with performance charts, but despite setting according to tables, still seemed pretty slow. Fun flight in any case.


Landing was a little firm… just over 300fpm. No bounce though!


Some FSEconomy flying, since setting up Air Hauler for XP11 involves using XP10 and just blargh that seems like a lot of work.

Nusawiru - Jakarta


Some random screens I had laying around, Been awhile since Ive posted any anyway.


















Where’s that last one? Probably the angle, but looks like you might a little illegal near those buildings!


Boston I do believe, It might be the angle or I was having auto pilot issues. I dont remember. However I didnt hit anything so all good right??

Different angle, Looks just as bad lol




I recognize it…


nice pic


The XP 11 clouds have gotten a lot better than the early beta Kuwaiti oil well in the hands of the Republican Guard look.


Doing a circuit around Svolvaer in the X-Aviation MU-2…(one of my favorite X-Plane airplanes…)


This didn’t work out well…at all… (Who knew that the Albatross has some stringent manifold pressure and boost limitations??)


That poor, poor belly skin :frowning:


So Shade Tree Micro Aviation updated their Husky to XP11 recently. I’ve always been a bit fan of STMA because they were one of the first innovators in X-Plane years ago. The Husky has a modern panel…a fun flight model…but isn’t ultra, ultra high resolution. Just a fun airplane if you temper your visual expectations a bit…



That a Malibu?


It is indeed!

Fun little aircraft but it feels like it’s quite on the edge of flying potentials. Those wings are wider then the aircraft is long, if you let off the throttle the nose drops, sharply. I always need to remind myself of that on landing. Best not to mess with the throttle.

Besides, it’s a standard combustion engine of which the exhaust gasses run a turbine, that turbine runs the prop. Really neat system!


That shot is just stunning!


That’s a scenery by Nimbus Designs called Lufker-Spadaro (1N2) that is really cool for little GA airplanes. Looks like it is currently on sale for $11.17…