X-Plane 11 Screens


So, on the icons in the aircraft selection menu: that’s answered here. Basically just look for the generate icons button

And on the HD mesh: I would definitely try the default mesh first. As you know, the HD mesh is older, and there are some places (I think mostly in the US) that have very nice buildings and stuff like that in the default scenery, which could disappear when you switch to the HD mesh.

In the Netherlands, the HD mesh definitely looks better than default.


Best way to find out if X-plane is anything for you is to download the demo. I believe it includes the F4 phantom II, and the Seattle area as terrain.


To answer the question quoted in the post above: yes. I’ve used X-Plane to prefly flights to contests. When I first got the Pitts I tried using paper sectionals and a Bad Elf GPS. Occasionally I’d look down at the map too long trying to figure out where I was–and look up to find myself knife-edge. I appreciate VFR navigation much better now and use all the tools available to me. A few times a year, X-Plane is one of those tools.


So the icons button isn’t always there. There’s some workarounds though, including using developer menu, or loading the plane and then going back into the customize menu, apparently.


IME, it won’t show up, unless the sim is running. It doesn’t have to be the plane that you want to make icons for, because it will load it if needed. Create or load a saved Flight and then go back to the airplane menu by clicking on the airplane icon in the upper right on the pop-up menu bar. Now you will be able to generate icons.

Anyone know why the Ag Truck C188 icons are so tiny?


Oh, didn’t know it was that bugged. Thanks for sharing the workarounds


Ya that’s exactly how I ended up doing it.


Coming in to land at KSAN, where I think I’ll be making my west coast home (at least in the US).

Little steep on the descent, but that’s all good.

We made it just fine, with a mostly gentle 200fpm touchdown. 10 kt direct crosswind with some turbulence was a little hard to control after so many months of not flying, but everything is in one piece!

Now the question is, why is that terminal and the static aircraft so blurry. I have my settings up pretty high, that shouldn’t be happening. Beach’ll set me straight about how to take proper screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:


ignore more, forum was acting up!


Nice - is that Mister X scenery? Or tdg?




Any suggestions for improving those shots? I feel like it should all be clear but it’s not in some of them. Doesn’t seem like atmosphere effect (fog).


I thought they look fine - better than my haze actually. I’m using that NOAA Plug-In + SkyMaxx + VenturaSky, and sometimes I feel mine are a bit TOO hazy… Still haven’t convinced myself that XEnviro is better since I’m a low and slow guy and that seems to be being showcased by mostly tube-liner drivers…


Hmm ok. Feels like the definition in the airliners at the gates isnt as sharp as it should be but I might be being overly critical.


Look great to me Rhino.


This is a fun little freeware scenery/ortho combo - Kastelorizo Airport (Greece)…available HERE…!

I gave it a whirl with the Q400…it can do it, but it can be tight. The Twin Otter does much better, using only half of the 800 meter long runway (2,624’ for us old schoolers…)

Ermmm…that looks pretty tight…! And narrow!


Turning bays on the ends of the runway ends…

Departure is all good if you take about 30% fuel and a medium pax load…

Nice harbor area scenery…

Limited ramp space…


I wouldn’t be worried about landing the Q400 there even full, as those reversers are pretty ballin’, but taking off I can imagine would be trouble.



People seem to like that 124th ATC plugin, but it’s been nothing but trouble for me. Ignores filed flight plan SID/STAR in favour of direct to fixes 2 or 3 in advance. Totally borked my FMC trying to deal with it last night. Also crashed the plane but that was my fault :wink:


Nice…that X-Crafts or SSG or another?