X-Plane 11 Screens


My first aircraft skin, and it’s for Muspike :smiley:
Still WIP


Beautiful livery…!


Thanks Beach!

Working on the weathering, almost done :slight_smile:


Beautiful… I’d need more repaired damage patches on mine…LOL…


Make sure to post for use! Always need more liveries!


That’s gorgeous! Want to have the lettertype that the Mudspike logo uses? I’ve found it a while ago and am happy to share!


Yeah, that’s coming along nicely @EightBall. Well done.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer but I already got that font, I just thought it looked a bit too military.

Ahah, the C208 I’ve bought in FSE has more than 750hrs on the counter, which is quite high for FSE, but hey, it was by far the cheapest in the US :smiley:
So I’ve decided to be heavy handed on the weathering, I quite like the results. Might not be particulary realistic tho…

I’ve made 3 versions, I just don’t know which one to choose so I’ve packed them all in one zip.
Mudspike Air Delivery Liveries
(I don’t know if they’ll work with the X-Plane 10 versions of the C208)

Mudspike Air Delivery_CM

Mudspike Air Delivery #2_CM

Mudspike Air Delivery Light_CM

And one extra pic of the office


When it’s too good to be true, it’s either fake or…ortho4XP



So, uh. Excluding Ortho4xp, whatcha got running there?


Nothing else, not even Alpilotx’ HD Mesh :slight_smile:

It’s the Sawtooth National Forest, N-E of Boise, Idaho. ZL 17, source: USA_2.
graphics settings on medium-high

Super happy with the results :crazy_face:


No joke, that’s beautiful!

I’m going to have to find a way to get and stay engaged in X-Plane now that my attachments to P3D are rapidly withering away.


Can you even use hdmeshv3 with ortho4xp? I thought the ortho thingie made it’s own mesh?


It does, but you can point ortho4xp at existing AIPilotX hd or uhd mesh installs to get some additional overlay data from it. Typically though in XP11, the overlay data is actually newer in default.


ah. Ya, I hadn’t read into that too in-depth, I just remembered reading that tidbit. Thanks!


Like FF said, it does. And it looks even better than the aboves pics but for me the hit on the performances is too big


Why oh why the decision not to create AH2 for XP11. The author hates X-Plane and remains (justifiably) bitter about his X-Plane 10 sales numbers. But I feel XP11 has really opened up the floodgates for new XP11 users. Really wish he’d reconsider…


The xplane 10 version didn’t even work fully. You had to use runarounds. I mean I get being disappointed but it had a smaller userbase and the app wasn’t as fully featured as it’s fax counterpart. What do you expect?


I know I’m repeating myself but you should give FSE a try.

I’m going to post a small AAR about the Mudspike Air Delivery beginning in FSE, hopefully it will motivate a few of you to join me in the adventure :slight_smile:

Come on guys, head this way and create an account!


I mean, if we have something organized, I guess I don’t mind. But I found it really chaotic and just kinda free-for-all like being a solo user. But I can’t imagine Beach enjoying FSE all that much after using AH2.