X-Plane 11 Screens


It had such great reviews, I was really hoping that Aerosoft would continue developing Freight Dogs after FS9. Not sure of the sales numbers, but it was a really exciting adventure and opened up my eyes to a type of flying and to places that I’d yet to explore, Western BC and Southern AK. Unfortunately, Aerosoft chose to keep it a one hit wonder.


FSE really isn’t that useful for XP, it works in FSX but in X-plane you just lack the planes. And since the economy and availability is too much of a gamble based on what other people do it just doesn’t work if you don’t want to fly from major hubs. It’s a multiplayer experience and not really suited for singleplayer.


I beg to differ. I guess it depends what kind of planes/leg you fly. In FSX I was mainly using the Twotter, C185, C207, C208, and the DC-3. All of which are available in XP.

I happen to fly in the same area as Beach is flying in P3D and I’ve got plenty of jobs that are perfectly suited to my kind of gameplay, short legs (<100nm), hoping from a bush strip to another.
It’s true that I’m lucky other people in the area also enjoy this kind of flying and have set up their FBO accordingly.

Have tried you FSE+XP recently ?

Just found a very nice little freeware airport, 5S0 Oakridge State Airport by rudeboyshiva. Check his other work!

I’m completely charmed by XP physics, it’s so satisfying to watch :slight_smile:


It does, my favourite planes are not readily available. Especially when combining it with the airports that I like. This is where a AH solution is king since it does not depend on what random other people on the internet do, it generates it all based on the locality that you choose.

I have, it was disappointing compared to FSX.


Yes and no, insomuch as if that is fun or not @TheAlmightySnark. With no intention of disagreeing with you in the least, both AH2 and FSE have their pros and cons, from my point of view. I’m not holding a brief for either (or I’m holding a brief for both, LOL!), but here’s how I see it…

AH2 does establish you with a base to start off from. It also has AI pilots. In no time, it had me at a desk job, as I leased three Twin Otters and set two of them up on automated passenger routes around Colombia, and before I knew it I was doing my old IRL job again of Revenue Management. I must have a soft spot in my heart for that old tenure, because there I was going through load factor statistics, calculating CASM vs. RASM, keeping an eye on the operation for peak passenger times (if they existed in the game at all), and adjusting ticket prices, turn around times, and connections. I got really carried away with that, and was just finding cargo jobs for the third Twin Otter and putting my dedicated AI Angel Flight pilots onto that on an ad-hoc basis.

In short, there’s a very addictive airline game hiding in there, too, so much so that I stopped flying P3D. :grin: I had been everywhere in Colombia already early on and had no desire to keep revisiting the same airports again and again, until I could afford a base farther afield.

Now, FSE. There’s a way to play it, I’ve found. The key is “go with the flow”, so to speak. Yes, it was horrendous, to start with, but it will take you around the world, and every flight can be from a different location, if you are using the search function to find where your desired aircraft is. There is something fun, I think, about taking up the challenge of operating from where ever you find it. And I have to fly the sim, to play FSE.

@EightBall I looked for it, to see what you’re doing, but couldn’t find it. I hope you don’t mind if I do a little exposition of a flight on FSE of my own :smiley:


Yes, I’ve done that in FSX with FSE, and I enjoyed my time with it. X-plane not so much, the selection of aircraft and availability is much less unfortunately.


Yeah, it is pretty addicting. I enjoy the revenue building, but mostly I’ve been enjoying flying to strips I’ll never visit in my life (unless I retire to Idaho and buy me a Maule or something!). I also like the building up to a bigger plane eventually. I started with the Maule, now have the 185F, and though I don’t quite have the “reputation” and cash to move into something bigger, I’m already enjoying shopping around to see what kind of airplane I want next. It definitely feels like a career sim with goals that can continually move.

I also do like a lot of the polish of AH2 - the graphs, tables, and even the unexplored content that I haven’t messed around with like building factories and the stock market. There is a lot going on there that I just haven’t explored yet.

I really do wish it were available for X-Plane because I love the flight physics and ground handling feel of X-Plane better…but for now, I’m content to play P3D v4 and AH2…


You have contact info for the developer Beach? Generic email or whatever? I want to send a pointless email asking for X-plane 11 support. I searched the webz but found only broken links and other non-helpful stuff.


I don’t have an e-mail. I can only access him via the Just Flight AH2 beta forum. The developer goes by “Slopey” and he gets riled up at any mention of X-Plane. This is a direct quote:

It’s because it’s not commercially viable. There was more interest in AH1 for XP than I’ve had for AH2 for XP11, so I dutifully ported it, but it sold literally a handful of copies. Single digits per month sort of stuff.

I have XP11 already, but I don’t like it and don’t use it. The airports are largely terrible, the autogen was also awful (with FS at least there’s a reasonable representation of places I’m familiar with - XP11 put massive 6 lane motorways through small towns in the UK - looked stupid), the ATC is woeful, and the lack of traffic is a deal breaker.

As I’ve said before, I have no interest in doing it.

So he sounds pretty definitive. That said though, I agree with @chipwich that XP11 seems to have really broken through whereas the previous versions seemed to not be as popular. I really do hope he reconsiders.


LOL that doesn’t sound promising at all.

I completely disagree with his assessment of XP11 in general, especially with all the free tools available to change it, but he’s entitled to his opinion.

Oh well.

I mean, if it failed to sell for XP9 (that’s what it was ported for, right?) then whatever, but it for sure was a bust on XP10 because it wasn’t fully functional. People want stuff that works.

Again, oh well.


Yeah, recently looked into getting AH1 working for XP-10 and the article Beach wrote appears to be the most definitive guide on that.


Ya, I had it working for 10. You have to use 10 to get it working for 11 though, so I was all “ugh too much work.” lol


I’ve actually managed to get it working with XP11, but it’s like extracting a molar to import aircraft. Then there is the threat that your company will be put out of business by an update. I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and go FSE.

Would be perfect timing if MUDSPIKE Logistics began hiring front end crews this week, :wink: :wink: @BeachAV8R


If we had people actually doing it, and a plan, I’d probably be down for mudspike FSE via xplane.


Come on, come over to the dark side. We take care of our elders :smiley:

I didn’t know it was possible to do this in XP, I mean in such a seamless way, no freeze, no loading textures,…


I’ll be ordering up a wheelchair after that lacrosse game I played in yesterday for sure :slight_smile:

OK, I’m all setup. I’ll try to knock out my first trip Tuesday night, then connect with MAD. User name is “chipwich”, Cheers @EightBall.



Now, if you guys want a real challenge, this one is quite something: WZ96 Gury

Hard to believe some pilots do this IRL :astonished:

My first try didn’t go too well. At least like this, she ain’t rolling back downhill :stuck_out_tongue:

Second attempt in a small video I’ll post later.
Some screenshots:


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Nailed it.