X-Plane 11 Screens


So I took a spin tonight to try out some fun freeware scenery that was released (Makki Airstrip, Indonesia)…it is a great little airport with some nice challenge to it…

The slope is up to 13° which results in a quick acceleration downhill (you can only land and depart one way) and a very quick deceleration landing uphill. You have to take care to keep some extra airspeed and energy to match the slope as you come in for a landing - probably best to not use full flaps. You can pretty much land and stop in the first third of the runway…then you need a bunch of power to climb to the top of the hill…

I’m using the Cessna 207 (is that the one you gifted to me @chipwich?) - it’s beautiful…!

Not sure what the best way to approach the field is - whether to come up the valley perpendicular to the strip and turn in, or just dunk it down over the hill - which is the way I did it. Plenty of drag with full flaps and you have plenty of runway to land once you factor in the ridiculous upslope…

The static King Air is floating for some reason…not sure why that is…(?)…

Powering back up the hill…

Super fun stuff…makes me wish that ORBX dove in to X-Plane and did their PNG scenery…(sigh)…



Wow that looks good


Yeah, that’s VERY impressive. Not even in the same league as the old FSX (which I am still used to) anymore.


Take a look at this - this one blew my mind!


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Yeah…that looks really, really nice. Darn shame there are no instrument approaches to it…at least a GPS approach would be nice. And love that it can be switched to a winter version. It would be nice if all scenery designers would adopt that ability (for places that get a winter anyway…we aren’t looking at you Cayman Islands…)


Yes sir. Glad that you are enjoying it. Beautiful scenery! Looking forward to the challenge.


Trying out the Kodiak with the latest public beta. If memory serves, I departed Portland Hillsboro (KHIO) and just joyriding around the Oregon and Washington countryside. That scenery is looking outstanding IMO.


Picked up Washington XP last night with bonus points. :thumbsup: Departing from KDCA in the Alabeo Aztec passing by Ivanka One. :slight_smile:


That is a sexy screenshot.

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First takeoff and landing in the Carenado Phenom 100. XP11 RC1 showing its night prowess around Washington XP scenery. Apologies for the simple video. First time using FCP and leaving for vacation this weekend.

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So Laminar is definitely trying to improve things… I recently did a total wipe of my drive, and so I’m reinstalling stuff…and I’m on the fence whether SkyMaxx Pro 4.5 (which I already own) is worth installing or not. I do think it gives a better depiction of clouds and vis than stock X-Plane…but Laminar is getting a bit better. At least they fixed the really grey clouds. Here is Deluth, MN a few minutes ago…going west into a frontal line of storms. Still doesn’t look realistic really, but it is better than it used to be… Nice rain and turbulence effects once you penetrate the clouds…but it still isn’t anywhere near as good as Active Sky. I’ll install SkyMaxx Pro tonight and give it a whirl…


When two four x-ray first emerged from the paint shop, there were a few of us whom were not sure that the re-branding initiative for the charter group had been worth the effort and expense. Much head scratching ensued, followed by a bit of ribbing from the freight dogs. I heard someone whisper under his breath, “Reminds me of my daddy’s Coupe DeVille.”


I dunno @chipwich, she’s not a very pretty girl in the first place. :thinking:

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She needs one of those Hawaiian hulu girls taped to the dashboard…

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I was a little skeptical that I would like this one, but it really is a very nice airplane. The avionics implementation is phenomenal…


Departing KMIA for a short M.A.D hop over to FA37 with 8 pax. Scenery is Miami City XP. I’m enjoying the FM on the Carenado B1900D. With the FSEconomy added weight for fuel and pax, the aircraft requires you to fly the approach speeds much more closely than the B200. Get it slow and you will not have enough pitch authority during flare. Also, IMO, it needs about 3 units nose up elevator pitch on takeoff. WX was 042 scat, 050 bkn, 100 bkn.


Wow! That’s a great shot!

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Seeing as we have been given a heads up as to the destination for the annual Christmas jaunt, I thought I had better get a head start this year as I know my RL flying schedule will start to get busier over the coming months.

I am going to attempt the trip to Christmas Island in the VSkyLabs DC3. Here are some shots from my first leg - Austin (KAUS) to Amarillo TX.

On the Atlantic Aviation ramp at KAUS. This is the FBO the plane I fly is based at. This is using the KAUS scenery I picked up at X-Plane.org.

Taxying out to RW 17L

Taking the runway.

Climbing away from Austin Bergstrom Intl

Flying through a patchy cloud layer…

Same area…

Texas is kind of flat until you get farther West. Nice shadows from the clouds!

Left Downwind for Runway 22 at Amarillo…

Gear down, about to turn base.

Parked… I hope they don’t intend to put Jet-A in my tanks!

It’s a neat airplane to fly, although a bit labor intensive. You really have to babysit the airplane, even when the autopilot is engaged (such as it is)…


Bravo. Wonderful choice and beautiful skin on the old bird. Happy trails.


Enjoying a new acquisition, the RWDesigns Hawker 4000, and tinkering with X-Enviro settings. This biz jet has speed and legs!