X-Plane 11 Screens



It’s pretty awesome. Although it seems relatively squared away, the publisher has gone UTC (unable to contact) for a couple of months, and their support forum has closed down. Still, it’s unquestionably a blast to fly. If you decide to take a leap, the mags and starter are by your left elbow. Must prime the engine before starting and manage temps and rpm during ground ops. Also, it’s GTN650 aware, if you own that.


A couple of approaches into TFFJ RW 10(St. Barts) in the ASDG Super Cub. No wind to test the supposed optimistic glide ratio. Not my best flying for sure.


A short flight from Bella Coola down to the Machmell Fisheries airstrip and lodge.

We are going to fly down there in the VSkyLabs EuroFox:

Bella Coola is a wonderful little airport. I highly recommend this scenery if you don’t already have it.

After takeoff we head straight out to the West, following the valley.

Soon we reach the coastal inlet, which will eventually lead you to the ocean.

We come to the first major fork in the fjord, and make a left turn to the South.

Now heading South, we keep on trucking to the end of the fjord.

The scenery in this region is stunning. Definitely on my bucket list to visit someday.

At the end of the Fjord, we continue South, following a very picturesque valley.

Eventually, the valley opens up and we get our first glimpse of the Machmell Fisheries site.

A quick flyby to survey the area…

The landing strip looks clear.

I should be concentrating on the task at hand, but the scenery is so stunning…

Turning final…

We have arrived!

Some scenery shots at the airstrip…

There is a lodge a short distance from the airstrip, but the EuroFox can’t land there, so a quick helicopter flight is in order. The lodge is in a small forrest clearing. I had to hunt around a bit before finding it.

There is a small landing platform out in front of the main lodge.

Making out approach to the platform/pad.

Easy does it!

Shut down on the pad.

I would have been more than willing to pay for the Machmell Fisheries scenery. I’m amazed that it is available for free. I’m very much looking forward to their Quatam River scenery!

Links to PropStrike Studios and for the Bella Coola scenery on X-Plane.org



Thank you for doing what I couldn’t! My only complaint is your choice of weather.

(Should’ve been 600 over with you force to follow the arm. )


I’m a bizjet pilot, so I only fly when the weather is good :wink: .

To take screenshots from flights flown in VR, just disable VR after the flight - take the headset off and there will be a button to click on bottom left on your monitor. Then you can either save the flight as a recording from the File menu, or just jump straight into replay mode. Crank up your graphics settings and start taking screenshots. You also should look up the key binding to toggle the recording control bar. With a little practice I can be taking screenshots within a minute or so of finishing my flight.


Well now I know. But you did far better than I would have anyway. Screenshoting is an art, as your sixth from the bottom shows.


Thanks! What’s that saying about a blind squirrel finding a nut? If you take a lot of screenshots, eventually, by the law of averages, you are going eventually get a good one. I take a lot of screenshots :wink: .

I should add, that with scenery this good, it is hard to take a bad screenshot.


Nice vid and story. I have just pics :slight_smile:


Nothing too spectacular here, just a little post to say how addictive the VSKYLABS EuroFOX with tundra wheels has become. Here tooling around the Black Hills making like Trent Palmer, IE a guy without kids and apparently enough time on his hands to vlog his tail off in a baby bush plane. What makes it all the more fun is mounting your Warthog between your legs as the gods had intended. Damn, this is fun.


@PaulRix’s reminder that Orbx had recently released KVOU Pearson Field (Vancouver, WA) compelled me to reach for plastic, something I don’t do lightly with X-Plane, given the plethora of payware quality scenery all free for the taking. I suppose that with more commercial designers coming to XP from FSX/P3D, that situation is may be in peril. Be careful what you wish for.

Regardless, Pearson Field has been largely ignored over the years, which is understandable, given that it is nothing to write home about aesthetically. Basically, a medium sized FBO, lying amongst a bunch of T hangers. It does sit on the Columbia river and a short ride from downtown Portland.

Which is partially why I chose it when on a business trip, and looking for an FBO to launch some flights around the PNW. I especially wanted to see Mount St. Helens, Spirit Lake, and the surrounding area from the 1980 eruption up close and personal. Well at least from the air. Given that I had only about 100 hrs in my log book at the time, a nice VFR corridor into KPDX’s class charlie made it more desirable, although I was advised during my C172 checkout to always contact Portland departure and arrival when leaving and returning. They were friendly enough. Looking at a current sectional shows that that corridor is history. Probably a good thing. More on that later.

So here we are. I plan to get out the logbook and recreate a few of those trips, although I expect that mother nature has matured some of the landscape since my forays in the late 80s, early 90s. Who knows, perhaps late at night down in the basement with VR goggles on, maybe the “spirit” of Harry R. Truman will come along for a ride.


4K jpg baby! In that little picture that you see there, the mountains way off in the distance look, meh. On a 60" screen they beckon you to explore them. :slight_smile:

I actually ran out of 11GB of VRAM with uncompressed textures so I had to use the Maximum texture setting for this one …

I was just checking out my newly installed http://www.alpilotx.net/ HD mesh scenery and I read that Andras Fabian is retiring from the project! :frowning:


EDIT: Aww, the system chopped my image to 2715*1527! :frowning: We have to get 4K friendly up in here at some point. :slight_smile:


What a legend, it’s a positive wave off though! Hopefully someone else or perhaps the XP devs themselves will carry on the torch!


So, how are you liking the MonsterTech mounts Dan (after using them for a couple of months) ?


Pearson Field looks really nice from the screenshots, so I just picked it up. I’m so weak.


Love them. I’m becoming a big fan of Monster Tech and the aluminum profile builds. Thinking of ordering the A-10 UFC reviewed by Jabbers, and programming it for the Hornet. BTW, thanks for your recommendation on the MFD mounts, Paul. You were right, plenty of room.


I’ve found my way into this rabbit hole. Send help.


It’s like a black hole… there is no escape. :wink: .

So, the x-plane.org store. An innocent browse of the special offers there never hurt anyone’s wallet.



Sometimes I toy with the idea of figuring out a rough overall cost of my sim hobby to date based on modules cost, gear etc…then I snap out of it and realise that sweet ignorance is absolutely the best practice here.


What are you talking about? This hobby doesn’t cost anything… I just punch in the numbers on my VISA card. It’s not like I pay money for this stuff. :roll_eyes:


Oh no, I’m not falling for that one again. At least not unless there’s a sale. Plus, I’m gonna need a bigger hard drive- I can already tell that.