X-Plane 11 Screens



My XP11 install stands at 134 Gb right now. I don’t use Ortho scenery, except for that which is included in some of the payware airports I have picked up. As a comparison,my DCS install is at 162 Gb. That is all modules and maps, plus most of the single player campaigns. Hopefully that helps a little. I took the plunge awhile back and added a 1Tb SSD to my system, primarily for Windows, DCS and XP11. Hope that is useful for planning purposes.


DCS has its own 500 GB SSD, and I’m looking at prices for the same size on Amazon, though now I’m thinking I may go up a size- that’s not a bad idea. I think I have the case/ Mobo space available- one more thing to check…



Somewhere over British Columbia…


Beautiful Paul.


Lost again, huh? :wink:

Nice pic!


More often than I would care to admit :wink: .



You just had to keep pushing didn’t you! LOL. :wink:

I love it. Very simple systems wise, but it takes some practice to fly it well. I have already written off a couple of airframes, so I guess I will have to keep working on it.


I’m wondering now, is this Push for Power or Pull for Power?!


Push…which has gotten me into trouble when I’m settling into a tight landing zone and go to “dump” collective, sending me skyrocketing straight up…


Eh, I figured something like that was bound to happen… :slight_smile:


A few more Osprey shots…



Yes - they did a pretty good job on it. I think of it more as “The Osprey Experience” rather than a hard and fast Osprey sim since that is obviously not what it is. For the price point though…they give a reasonable approximation of it with a lot of work going into making it feel that way.

By the way - here is a really good article on flying the Osprey from Vertical Magazine which gives some insight into the real Osprey:


That image legit screams “Coast Guard” – brand-spankin’ new V-22, check! Old lighthouse, check! Rickety old shack with “Coast Guard” written on it – oh boy, check!


I really haven’t spent much time with the default XP11 C172, but now I have jumped into Air Hauler, I figured I would start with the venerable Skyhawk and work my way up. I opened my first base of operations at Bella Coola, B.C, which has become a firm favorite. Here are some screenshots from one of my first runs to Bella Bella (CYJQ)…

Firing up on the main ramp at Bella Coola… I need to get a Canadian registered C172!

Climbing out through the valley to the Southwest of Bella Coola. This was an early morning flight using FSGRW and Ultra Weather XP 2.4 . I have to say that I really like this combination. I was a big fan of X-Enviro, but that plugin seems to have taken a step backwards. I highly recommend FSGRW and Ultra Weather though.

Scattered low cloud in the valleys had me a little worried about starting my descent. I decided to wait until the terrain was more agreeable.

Bella Bella in sight!

Left Base…

After an uneventful landing, I loaded up as much freight as possible and headed back to Bella Coola:

It is a short hop, and before long I am entering the pattern at Bella Coola…

It was an enjoyable flight. I have to make another run down to Bela Bela to pick up the remaining 140 lbs of cargo that I couldn’t take on the first trip. Air Hauler certainly adds a new dimension to the sim. It is well worth the asking price and effort to install and get working.


Does Bella Coola have an instrument approach? You might have to build yourself one!


I’m going to put away the HUD and use the Force… and if that doesn’t work, scud running up the valley will be kind of exciting! :crazy_face:


I learned a lot from the Osprey article above. Not judging, as I am sure she’s a fine machine. But the price paid to get an extra 60 knots of cruise speed is high: no ability to feather, very high stall speed, inability to autorotate. I now understand where some of the institutional resistance might have come from.


I agree. It sounds like there is a “well, it’s a military aircraft and we are going to accept this level of higher danger”, which I get…but…well…I wouldn’t my wife or son flying one for a living.