X-Plane 11 Screens



XP11 Air Hauler? :open_mouth:



The twin coax + pusher tail rotor concept looks like it has the speed while retaining the ability to autorotate etc.

I guess fuel efficiency in cruise will be lower given no wings, but it does seem to make less fundamental sacrifices than tilt rotor designs.


Having said that, if I were 40 years younger, not shaped like a paperclip, and gifted any Marine slot that is not a Harrier, the Osprey would be the one.


For a smaller machine, yeah, the Airbus concept sure looks like way to go. But if you grew it to V-22 size, wouldn’t you have retreating blade stall/vibration issues? I don’t know. I only play a helicopter expert on Mudspike.


I picked up VSkyLabs’ latest release, the Guimbal Cabri G2 light helicopter. It’s very easy to fly… possibly a little too docile for a 'copter of this size, but maybe with modern stability augmentation this is how it should be. Great for stress free sight seeing in VR though.


If you break an arm again anytime soon you should be our designated X-Plane release guest reviewer… :smile:


And I know for sure you are going to be our NextGen VR hardware reviewer… :laughing:


Hopefully I won’t be breaking more bones anytime soon. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at some reviews though, assuming you guys can put up with my less than perfect writing.


On the X-Plane forum, a reviewer who implied some personal experience in type also complained that it is too easy to hover and too little pedal is needed to counteract torque. The dev replied that flying a helicopter need not “be a suicide mission”. So there seemed to be some pushback against any assertion that the model might be too stable. However he did concede some errors (carb heat, autorotation RPM and responsiveness) and promised a few changes with an update this week with more refinement to follow. Looks promising.


Always nice to get real world feedback so developers can tweak what they might think is the right model…


Taking the so-so Wilson DC-8 out for a flight around the so-so Drzerwhiskyshot Miami XP with a so-so coupled ILS to a so-so landing…




Hello :slight_smile:

In loving memory of the now defunk Mudspike Air Delivery :hourglass:


Must be beer in those crates…


Well done EightBall. You’ve got some film making chops for sure. The MUD livery is alive and well on my system.


I had some x-plane.org points burning a hole in my pocket. I’m not sure if I can endure hours on end looking at the very rough cockpit, but she’s easy enough on the eye when viewed from outside…


The 2D panel seems to have had the designers focus, perhaps worth using?


You have to fly it using the 2D cockpit because the 3D pit is non functional. I saw a post from earlier this year where the author acknowledges that it needs a proper 3D cockpit, so maybe eventually that will happen.


OK, ok… what’s the cheapest way to get on the X-plane boat? I mean… flying boat? Or… well, that?
It looks pretty amazing.
Is there an A-6 for X-plane?

(I’m at work so I really can’t google too much…)