X-Plane 11 Screens



It really depends. My recent Air Hauler flights have been flown on a 2D screen, mainly because I get into the cruise and engage the autopilot so that I can go and do something productive. I check in periodically to take screenshots, check progress and switch fuel tanks if required. For general bush flying or sightseeing flights, VR is definitely the way to go.


This could be career ending…




After doing some online research, I think I figured out the route correctly for the Mach Loop in Wales. Way too much fun!


Getting some training hours in before the christmas flight. I haven’t settled on a route but I am looking at an excess of 10kNM.


Just doing some tooling around in the nice JustSim LOWK / Klagenfurt airport I picked up on sale for a bit under $11. I will say though, TDG has an excellent free/donation version that is pretty much as good: HERE

The JustSim version looks pretty nice though…I like the texturing on the runway and the non-uniform patches and stuff - it gives it some character…


I did a thing. Pretty amazing that this is a free mod for XP11.


How are you liking the Hawk? You really should do the Mach loop. It’s a blast.


Is that the X737?


The “thing” I did was finally purchasing XP11, the aircraft is the Zibo mod for the default 737.


Some Tornado shots …


Much coffee was spilled…


I love that zip sound when the TRs extend and retract…


How about some cockpit shots? :smiley:


That Tornado looks impressive!



That’s a great article. And the author…so handsome…


Here is a handful for you Chuck…


Just a quick hop around the patch at the two new (free) airports released over the past few days for the PNW area.

AJ4 - Anahim Lake

Couldn’t resist taking the Cessna 207 down the closed dirt runway. With 20 degrees of flaps and a light load…no problem…but keep an eye on that lineup as you climb between those trees! (We really need collidable trees in X-Plane!)…

Coming back around to land on the paved runway…

Then over to this fun little private strip…it HAS to be a bush pilot or ag guy living here - 8W9P - Helsing Junction

Once you head down the hill you are committed (or should be committed!)…

Coming back in…save enough energy to dive down toward the base of the hill and pull back up again. You’ll bleed energy fast in that maneuver, so keep that in mind or you’ll mush straight into that wall of a runway…!


How do you find this stuff?!